• When: 05/09/2015
  • QIC: Mayhem, Ken Doll, Ranger
  • The PAX: Unplugged (FNG Greg Sorrow), Sour (FNG Brad Setzler), Barcode (FNG Steve Dixon), Sausage (FNG Michael Reynolds), Warden (FNG Jerry Rentz), Focker (FNG Ryan Barham), Gerber (FNG Wells Dunlap), Special K (FNG Eric Syswerda), Tree Hugger (FNG Matt Scales), Kaboom (FNG Richard Craig), Bubba Gump (FNG Jerry Watts), Capriati (FNG Jeff McCurry), Woody (FNG Antonio Sequeira), Hand Me Down (FNG Mike Craigo), Lunch Lady (FNG Aubin Payne), Capri (FNG Tommy Chandler), Dugger (FNG Ben Scurry), Cowbell (FNG Kenny Price), Flossy (FNG Josh Fennell), Pacer (FNG Jason Smith), Kibbles (FNG Croft Hollingsworth), Short Hose (FNG Franklin Cloniger), Boy George (FNG Michael George), Lite Brite (FNG Jim Slagle), Meatloaf (FNG Bryan McCall), Polaroid (FNG Jay Sanders), Fabio (FNG Blake Kendrick), Tickles (FNG Locke Simons), Snake Oil (FNG Brian Hook), Judge Judy (FNG Travis Moore), Uncle Jesse (FNG Josh Garvin), Snoop (FNG Wes Funderburk), Kerrigan (FNG Ben Hjalmer), Mothball (Davis McClendon), Catheter, Tailpipe, Bulldog, EZ, Brother Si, Earthmover, Buzz Saw, Thumbs Up, Turnbuckle, Bowflex, Love Seat, Odyssey, Knowzit, Meatball, Denied, JD, Phonebooth, Quickie, Muggy Tape, Candy Stripe, Headgear, Creole, Sway, Ken Doll, Ranger, Mayhem

The Greenwood #BigBang

60 pax, including 34 FNGs, posted on a beautiful spring morning at the Greenwood Athletic Complex (aka The Civic Center) for the launch of F3 Greenwood. The majority of the pax met in the long, back parking lot, but several pax didn’t get the memo of where to meet. It was an awesome sight to see 20+ guys running together toward the middle of the AO. Excitement, Enthusiasm, and a little bit of nervousness was in the air in the final minutes leading up to the long-awaited, official beginning of F3 Greenwood.

Conditions: 68 degrees and sunny

Welcome and Disclaimer – Sway

Prayer – Mayhem

The Thang

Mosey to the field and – wait is that a BURPEE TRAIN? Burpees until the train passes we realized that was one long train. YHC, Ranger, and Ken Doll tried their best to explain how to count, but man, that was one long, loud train.


(all IC)
SSH x 20 – Mayhem
Merkin x 10 – Ranger
Flutter Kicks x 20 – Ken Doll
Merkin x 9 – Ranger
Squats (slow) x 20 – Mayhem
Merkin x 8 – Ranger
Overhead Arm Claps x 20 – Ken Doll
Merkin x 7 – Ranger
LBCs x 20 – Mayhem
Merkin x 6 – Ranger
Little arm circles (front) x 20 – Ken Doll
Merkin x 5 – Ranger
Little Arm Circle (back) x 20 – Mayhem
Merkin x 4 – Ranger
Freddie Mercury x 20 – Ken Doll
Merkin x 3 – Ranger
Dying Cockroach x 20 – Mayhem
Merkin x 2 – Ranger
Mountain Climbers x 20 – Ken Doll
Merkin x 1 – Ranger

Count off by 3’s: 1’s with Mayhem, 2’s with Ranger, 3’s with Ken Doll and rotate through the following stations:

Station 1

Bent Jacob’s Ladder:

Run up the hill – 1 Burpee at the top

Run down and 10 Smurf Jacks at the bottom

Increase the number of Burpees at the top by 1 each trip up until you get to 10

10 Smurf Jacks each trip to the bottom

Plankorama til the 6 arrives

Station 2

Line up on the foul line – there are six cones in a vertical line

Sprint to the first cone – 10 Squats

Sprint back – 10 Merkins

Sprint to the second cone, stopping at the first cone for 10 squats, – 10 Merkins

Sprint back to the foul line, stopping at the first cone for 10 squats – 10 merkins

Stop at each cone for the designated exercise working your way to the sixth cone

Station 3

Ark Loader:

Bear Crawl to the cones, sprint back, plank-o-rama til the six arrives

Crab Walk to the cone, sprint back, plank-o-rama til the six arrives

Inch Worm to the cone, sprint back, plank-o-rama til the six arrives

Frog Jump to the cone, sprint back, plank-o-rama til the six arrives

Duck Walk to the cone, sprint back, plank-o-rama til the six arrives


Flutter Kicks x 20 IC – Mayhem

Russian Twist x 35 IC – Ranger

Freddy Mercurys x 20 IC – Ken Doll

Merkins x 15 IC – Ranger




BOM – closed out by Brother Si


  • Excellent effort by all pax. These Greenwood guys must catch on pretty fast – YHC heard a good bit of mumblechatter directed at Ranger during the COP.
  • YHC heard several reminders that 8 inches is this long: ———
  • Nothing in Greenwood is complete without the po po showing up – glad that’s outta the way
  • TClaps to all current F3 pax that made the trip in support of F3 Greenwood. Six Regions were represented: Lexington, Lake Murray, Columbia, Swamp Rabbit, Anderson, and Summerville
  • #Cobains for the delay of the backblast being posted
  • You guys will have other regions coming down to lead your Saturday workouts for the next five Saturdays. When you’re ready to start midweek workouts, start ’em.
  • #Coffeeteria is every Saturday following the workout. Post and enjoy the 2nd F – you won’t regret it.
  • Excellent presentation of the shovel flag by Sway. Remember, this isn’t just any shovel flag, it’s YOUR shovel flag.



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