• When: 2019-10-17
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Blue Rhino, Waze, Cream Cheese, Dos, Mail Order, Tail SPin, Prom Date, Boo Boo, Bar Crawl, Singlet, Wingback, Postal, Hot 4 Teacher, Broadhead, Giggity, Mia, Rumblestrip, Ponzi

The Burpee Ladder

YHC has been mulling this thing called the Burpee Ladder. While the Pax have seen different versions of ladders provided by various Q’s, YHC has not seen this one. YHC loves the Detainees, and the Detainees had a lot to say this morning, so let us recap the festivities:

Weather: 46 and perfect
Disclamer/No FNGs/Prayer

The Thang:
Mosey around the parking lot, pick up H4T, Blue Rhino, and possibly one more Pax. Head over to the entrance and circle up on the grass.
25x SSH 4ct IC
10x TTT 4ct IC
15x LBACs forward/reverse 4ct IC
15x Overhead Claps 4ct IC
Line up at the light pole. Bear Crawl to the next light pole. Broad jump burpees to the school sign. Mosey across the field to the entrance. Starting at a tree, and using reasonably spaced landmarks like trees and lightpoles, wrap around the parking lot from  exit to entrance. 10 hand-release merkins, decrease by one at every stop, down to 2.
Following the driveway down the side of the school and around back past the Principal heading down the track, using reasonably available landmarks, 10 sumo jump squats, decrease by one at every stop, down to 2.
Mosey over to the block pile and circle up in the field:
5 rounds: 3 block swings, 4 merkin block drags, 5 BBSUs
50 flutter kicks 4ct IC
The Burpee Ladder:
Execute 1 burpee, jump laterally over the block
Execute 2 burpees, jump laterally back and forth over the block 2 times
Execute 3 burpees, jump laterally back and forth over the block 3 times
Go up to 10.
Crowd Pleaser.
Return the blocks and mosey back and circle up.
25 Hello Dollys 4ct IC
20 Mountain Climbers 4ct IC
Mosey back around the way we came.
One of the pax requested Monkey Humpers, so YHC complied.
25x Monkey Humpers 4ct IC
Bear crawl to the next pole
Mosey back around to the front of the school and around the parking lot back to the flag.
The Pax covered approximately 1.6 miles during the workout, a little short of the 5k they were promised

Detention still has one or two spots left on their P200 team. Depends on whether you ask Blue Rhino or Bar Crawl.
10/26 – Go Leo Go – Needs Pax for running and volunteering
11/16 – Cheech 10k
11/23 Hairy Bison 15k/30k
12/14 – Christmas Party
Jan 2020 – Harbison 25k/50k
2/15/20 – Dam to Dam
March 2020 – P200

The Payne family
Those fighting cancer and other illnesses
Hopper recovering from knee injury

Devo: Lean on your brothers. You are not alone.