• When: 3-5-20
  • QIC: MuggyTape
  • The PAX: Postal, TarPaper, Rosie, Kiffin, SheShed, Gypsey, MuggyTape

The BeechHouse AMRAP

FieldGoal and YHC have been trying to come up with some type of amrap for The BeechHouse to join in on the Gaunlet.  This morning was version 1, next week we will try something a little different and vote amongst our pax for our least favorite.   7 brave pax posted in the rain to give it a go.  Great effort was put in by all pax.

Weather:  55 Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain,Rain, etc…



COP: all IC  10 x SSH, 10 x TTT, 10 x IW

The Thang:

YHC marked off about a  .25 mile loop around the drive in entrance with 5 cones.  1st cone was the start point, run to cone 2 – 11 merkins, run to cone 3 – 11 squats,  run to cone 4 – 11 Monkey humpers (this will be an ab exercise in future editions, but no one wanted to lay in the water) run to cone 5 – lung walk across parking lot back to the start line, at the start line do 5 burpees and start the next lap.  With each additional lap ad 1 rep to all exercises EXCEPT burpees, they always remain at 5.  We went for about 30ish minutes then moseyed back to the shelter for some mary.

15 min of Mary… Oh My!

15 x Frozen Flutters  IC

15 x Hello Dollies  IC

15 x Freddie Mercuries  IC

15 x Plank Jacks  IC

15 x Mtn Climbers IC


15 Iron Crosses OYO

10 x Supermans

1 min 6″


COT/ Countarama/Namearama


P200 Coming

Edition 2 of the AMRAP on Tuesday

Come up with Name for the AMRAP

Gauntlet Mid April


DearDiary and his family

Scotches Dad Big Al


Those in Nashville affected by

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