• When: 2020-03-05
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: 7-11, Cowbell, Forrest, Headgear, Jackhammer, Notebook, Potluck, Rock Drop (R), Voltron (R)

Things Got Moist at The Arena

The Arena is one of the finer collections of men in Lexington and I always enjoy my time with these guys (except for Notebook).  With the threat (guarantee) of rain and wet surfaces as well as some rumblings of a trip to the Waffle House, I made a deal with myself during Stridelite – less than 10 PAX and we’re going to find food, 10+ and we get wet.  Much to their chagrin, a tenth PAX rolled up as I was explaining the deal so the PAX were destined for wetness.  Here’s what we did:



Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey around the parking lot for warm up

  • 15 Side Straddle Hops IC
  • 15 Through the Tunnels IC
  • 15 Lil’ Baby Arm Circles F and 15 R IC
  • Circle Burp – tighten up the circle, everyone does high knees while each PAX takes a turn doing a burpee

Mosey over to the light pole for BALMY BOMBS

  • B – burpees (start with 1, +1 each round)
  • A – abs (25 4-count, IC – we did flutter kicks, Freddie Mercuries, flutter kicks again, heel touches, and mountain climbers [so we could stay dry])
  • L – lunges (start with 5, +5 each round) (Editor’s note: it wouldn’t be a Boo Boo Q at The Arena if I wasn’t getting hilariously bullied by Notebook.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.)
  • M – merkins (start with 5, +5 each round)
  • Y – you run there (run to the next light pole)

Mosey the long way around the parking lot and end up under a covered dry area.  Partner up for BOMBS.

  • B – burpees – need 50 as a partner group
  • O – overhead clap – need 100 as a partner group
  • M – merkins – need 150 as a partner group (lots of yells and grunting start at this point)
  • B – big boy sit ups – need 200 as a partner group
  • S – we didn’t make it here despite our best efforts

Mosey back to the flag.


  • Reading to classes at NPES, 7-11 is the contact
  • May 3 – Mass Extinction Elimination Challenge

Prayer Requests:

  • Dear Diary and family
  • Voltron’s friend Jay


  • Notebook is not a fan of odd numbered lunges
  • At least we stayed dry for the second half of the workout, right?
  • The first call of flutter kicks was a real crowd pleaser.  These boys thought they were coming to GloboGym this morning and were gonna stay all dry and comfy!
  • I don’t think of ever heard Rock Drop compain.  The man just encourages PAX or puts in work.  Much respect.
  • Where was Floppy Disk?


Stop justifying your bad behaviors or habits with excuses.  I used to not work out on Fridays for many (bad and dumb) reasons – first day of my weekend, early and I’d like to sleep, too cold, etc.  That’s soft.  Been reading the David Goggins book and Jocko Willink stuff lately.  They are big on the idea of taking control and flexing that “do the harder thing” muscle.  When you hear that voice that tells you to do what you know isn’t quite right, fight back and do what is correct.  Train that muscle the same way you train physical muscles.  This can translate over to being more like Jesus, too.  That coworker you aren’t fond of and are about to say something you shouldn’t to? Do the harder thing.  Take control.  Don’t say it.  Walk away.  Say something nice. There’s a million examples and we all know them in our personal lives.  As David Goggins says, stay hard!

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