• When: 2020-03-05
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Good Hands, Nature Boy (R), Double Fault, Ranger (R), Short Haul

5 Years of Betterment

So many plans were in the brain for this anniversary Q. But with cold, wet weather, YHC opted to go for plan B, and destroyed the PAX’ arms with a bit of cover overhead. They may have preferred the rain once the realized the stupid amount of reps coming their way… but regardless work was done and an awful lot of 2nd F was had.

#TCLAPS Nature Boy (woo!) for getting out in the blah and putting in some work for Stride Lite ( or is it Crusade Lite on the east side? )

Conditions: We no longer know what stars look like at workouts… it rained. It was 52’ish degrees. It also rained.


The Thang —

There was a miniscule window of moderate dryness at 0530, so YHC took advantage and did a parade lap around the parking lot. Then circled for WU:

SSH x20 IC
TTT x10 IC
( Here comes the rain )
Merkins x20 IC

At this point, YHC directed the PAX over to the block pile to prepare for his “extreme arm pyramid.” Which consists of:

man-makers (block burpees), tricep extensions, shoulder presses, and curls for the girls. Each exercise has a base number, 1, 2 ,3 and 4 respectively. As rounds increase, so too does the multiplier.  For example:

Round 1
1 MM, 2 extensions, 3 presses, 4 curls
Round 2 (x2 multiplier)
2, 4, 6, 8

up to Round 12
12, 24, 36, 48

The pyramid was timed with a tabata timer, and as the reps increased, so too did the allotted time for said reps. After a few rounds we would have an “ab break,” and then continue the pyramid after

Ab Break 1 was a 2-count flutter kick x10, then straight into a single count Iron Cross, never letting feet hit the ground. This was done 3 times in succession, with no rest.

Ab break 2 was the same as above, except now we add in gas pumpers after the IC’s

Ab break 3 added LBC’s after the gas pumpers, but YHC took pity on his and everyone else’s abs and only asked for 2 iterations before recovery

Moleskin —
#Coffeeteria may have been uttered, but then former Nantan ranger showed up; YHC decided we’d push through the suck

Nature Boy (woo!) schooled us on some movie/music trivia as YHC’s mini-speaker blasted some classic rock. Thanks for the distractions from the ever-increasing reps and muscle fatigue.

Ranger had a heavy block. Good Hands thought he wanted a piece of that action. He didn’t. To his credit, though he did push through and got his reps despite the 100 lb. monster

YHC spilled his guts on how much F3 and its PAX have meant to him, and continue to mean to him. It won’t be documented here. If you wanted to hear, you should have shown up. #CANDOR

Big thanks to the #HIM that continue to show up despite the harsh weather. YHC will strive to do the same, even on days he’s not Q’ing.

Announcements —
Graveyard takeover of Urban Legend 3/20

Prayer Requests —
Dear Diary ( John ), M ( Chelsea ), and 2.0’s ( Preston, Parker, and Mason )
GoFundMe for DD
Mandy Snow and family (5 2.0’s)- Passed from cancer

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