• When: 2018-06-28
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Elmers, Cheers, Coon Dog, Hash & Rice, Man Bun, Notebook, Bridesmaid, Marco Polo, Genie, Cowbell, Ponzi

Thats what she said…we are Finnish-ed

YHC was proud to lead the Pax of the Shank for a post-Vacation accountability Q. The Pax were fired up and ready to go, and Man Bun ninja’ed himself into the formation while it was already moseying along. It is the belief that he understood YHC was not a professional.

Weather: 68ish, a little bit of a breeze, and humidity levels that are still almost toxic for all of mankind, but better than at some point early this summer…


The Thang: Mosey the long loop around the soccer fields to get the blood flowing. Circle up and get warmed up:
Hey look, Man Bun is here!
SSH IC x15
TTT IC x15
LBACs 15 forward, 15 reverse

YHC staged a some blocks and 2 sandbags (a 45lb bag and a roughly 40lb bag) before the Pax assembled this morn. This is how it unfolded.

Split into two teams (5 Pax and 6 Pax, respectively). One Pax from each team starts out on the sandbag, does exercise and next Pax rotates in. The other pax rotate through the various exercises, changing each time sandbag Pax changes. This may have been slightly better on paper, but it still had a pretty good suck factor too it. (Note to self – refine, improve, and bring it back).

20 Merkin drags
20 Thrusters
20 Lunges (10ea leg)

TEAM WORK (Do reps until Sandbag Pax is done)
Monkey Humpers
Overhead Press with Block
Block Swings
Curls for the Girls

Somewhere along the way the Pax got a little distracted with bag talk, which inevitably lead to “That’s what she said!”, over, and over, and over again. Strangely, much like naming an FNG Boat Plug, it elicited the same response every time. It may be weird how men bond, but it never changes, regardless of our age. Someone may have even “Finnish-ed” early. We love you Marco Polo. (That’s what she said!)

The blocks were replaced and the men gathered under the shed for the final couple of minutes:

50 4ct Flutter Kicks IC


6-30 Workout out at the Veterans shelter afet Shawshank Saturday morning (7:15-30am)
7-4 Ryan Rawl Memorial – Statehouse
7-7 Sandbag Mile – Cryptonite
7-14 The Carolina Reaper – Discounted rooms through Greenville Marriott available
8-4 Sweet Baby O 5k – Saluda Shoals
8-25 Stomp The Swamp
11-3 City Ruck Tour
11-10 Cheech 10k
11-17 Harry Bison 15/30k
12-1 Wildcat CSAUP

America – may we love each other and show people whom we don’t agree with respect.
JJ -Back and all the other Pax suffering and recovering from injuries
Big Box’s neighbor
Katniss father-in-law
Mac and his relocation