• When: 2018-06-28
  • QIC: Blackout
  • The PAX: Potus-R, Grease Monkey-R, Bionic-R, Hot Flash, Strom-R, Rooney, Lobo, Blindside, Chum-R, Microchip, Dirty Bird-R, Blackout

Blackout’s Birthday Q

I signed up to Q today b/c tomorrow is my 48th Birthday.  We are so blessed to have this group of men to hold each other accountable day in & day out.  I have so many good friends now because of F3.  Thanks to all of the boys in the “Hidden AO” for being there this AM.  Thanks to all of you who prepare and Q over and over again.  You make this group what it is, I am proud to be a part of it with each of you.

Circle Up



Mosey to black widow infested blockpile.  Each PAX gets 2 blocks, that’s correct 2 blocks.  We farmer carried the blocks to 3 stations before running out of time.

Station 1

Step-ups – 24 each leg

Merkins – 48 oyo

V-ups – 48 oyo

LBC’s – 48 oyo

OH Press – 48 oyo

Mosey to Station 2 farmers carrying blocks

Station 2

SSH – 48 oyo

BBSU – 48 oyo

Monkey Humpers – 48 oyo

Russian Twists – 48 oyo

Duck Unders – 48 oyo

Mosey to Station 3 farmers carrying blocks

Station 3

Jump Squats – 48 oyo

Mountain Climbers – 48 oyo

Lunges – 24 ea leg

Flutterkicks – 48 oyo

Curls – 48 oyo

Ran out of time so carried blocks back to blockpile and headed to Flag

PAX fussing about still had a few minutes so we did

Squats – 48 oyo

LBAC – unknown number

Thanks for these 12 men that showed up today.  I really do appreciate it.

Prayer Requests –

Jaws – surgery

Rebar – Ankle

Squires Family (friends of Blackout)


Carolina Reaper Challenge – 7/14/18

Sweet Baby o 5k – 8/4/18

Stomp the Swamp – 8/25/18 New ruck division/FIA State 5K Championship/F3 5K State Championship

DEVO- Solid Joys 6/28/18 (Enduring When Obeying Hurts)