• When: 2018-06-28
  • QIC: Schweddy
  • The PAX: Neighbor (#Respect), Nails (#Respect), Goose (#Respect), Snowden (#Respect), OBC (#Respect), Prenup, Knock Off, Ball Boy, Rip Cord, Schweddy

A SCORE Crawl modified Murph

Conditions – 72 & nice with juicy ground


The Thang:

Jog to the cage, every PAX issued a block

COP, each PAX about 10-yards apart, Q on the circle, not the middle

SSH x 20 (IC)

Each PAX bear crawls to the right and stops at next block then perfoms 20 curls for the gurls OYO, when done – bear crawl right to next block (hold plank if PAX at the block is still curling) 20 more curls.  Do this a total of five times for 100 total curls.

Curls complete, on to bench press with blocks.  Same as above only now reps increased to 40.  Bear crawl, press X 5 for a total of 200 bench press reps.

BP done, now let’s squat.  Same as above, bear crawl to the right, do 30 squats x 5 for 150 reps.  All pax make a full walk around the circle to shake the legs out, then repeat the previous sentence for another 150 reps.  Total of 300 squats.

Following squats, all PAX backwards run around circle, return to their blocks.

Each PAX bear crawls across COP to opposite block and ready for make-up/extra credit.

Curls x 20, Bench Press x 40 & Squats x 60

Put the blocks up, and jog to the rocks.

Flutter kicks, (IC), until all PAX arrive.

(Editor’s Note; If you look closely at The Thang, each PAX completed a modified Murph minus the two 1-mile runs (we got about a 1/4 mile on each side).  A strong outing by all and special welcome to Knock-Off , an #Amble regular, as today was his first ever F3 Boot Camp!)

COT/Devo/BOM – HeHaw w/JB prayer (#Brickpile)