• When: 2018-01-11
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Rocking Chair (Respect), Tumbler, Jo Pa, Clipboard, Red Eye, Strut, Baconator, No Help

Tag the AO in Your Tweet, I Mean, Core and Leg Day at Crypt

Q #2 for the week at Crypt.  Still limited on shoulders and upper body, so it was another dose of legs but more focused on core this time.

Weather: Balmy 56°

The Thang:

Loooong mosey down the breezeway to the bottom of the Press Box for COP

SSH x 10 IC
TTT x 10 IC
Frankenstein’s x 10 IC

Five rounds:
Squat x 10, BBSU x 10, run up the stairs to the top, Plank x 15 sec, BBSU x 10, run back down.

Five rounds:
4-count alt lunge x 10, 4-count LBCs, run up the stairs to the top, 4-count flutter kicks x 10, 4-count LBCs x 10, run back down.

Run back to the flag



MGC Long Run
Columbia Half Marathon
Harbison 100

Prayer Requests

Continued prayers for Thumbs Up’s friend Pete
Continued prayers for Chips mother


We all love to eat, or at least I know I do.  I eat probably 6+ times a day.  It is needed to feed my body.  It would be crazy to only feed my body once a week, and on top of that only feed it once a week with regurgitated food.

So why do many of us only feed our spirit, our faith, our relationship with God once a week (if that)?  Many times we feed our faith with words (food) that has been chewed on and then regurgitated back out for us to eat from our pastor and then find ourselves starving on Wednesday or even Sunday, hungry for more.  Then we repeat this cycle, and sometimes skip our once or twice a week feeding.  Why wouldn’t we feed ourselves daily, and multiple times a day?  So I challenge you to not miss your daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the word.  I challenge you to snack on a devotional or scripture throughout the day.