• When: 2019-10-22
  • QIC: Keychain
  • The PAX: Lt. Dan, Poledance, Dominion, 2 star, Rec, Buttdial (Respect), Twerk, Escobar, Tupperware, Curaid, Mulligan, FNG – Scream, Keychain

Tabata Beatdown at the Surge

Posted on behalf of Keychain

YHC woke up expecting plenty of thunder and rain and lots of work under the canopy. Rain held off but plans remained the same with a little “warmup” beforehand. 13 Pax posted despite forecast and hopefully didn’t regret it.

Conditions: 68 degrees with a little rain

Disclaimer (almost forgot without reminder from PAX)


The Thang:
Mosey to grab blocks – PAX were wondering where warmup was
Mosey to basketball courts to circle up
Thunderstruck by AC/DC was played – SSH throughout whole song and stop briefly at every “thunder” and do a burpee (33 total)
After “warmup” PAX needed a cooldown
YHC setup for workout while PAX cleared out area under canopy by moving picnic tables
Tabata workout was played – 1 minute interval for workout, 10 sec break then back at it
5 stations set – Block swings, Merkins, Block Curls, Squat Jumps, BBSU
40 reps for each, if you complete in 1 minute you stay at station, if not you move on
After first minute of block swings it appeared that YHC was an overachiever so changed quickly to 30 reps per station
Music played for about 5 solid minutes and PAX were sweating and looking confused; some stayed at station too long to try and get to 30 reps rather than move on so YHC restated instructions.
Music played another 17 minutes then YHC decided to change it up a little.
3 new stations set up – Overhead blocks, Planks, and Step Ups on picnic table – 30 reps each
PAX did their thang for another 11 minutes
Welcomed new FNG and came up with new name – Scream

Need 1 more for P200 Surge team
DAM to DAM practice – Sunday, 5:30 AM (Get out of bed if you signed up)
AO BeechHouse needs Q’s – signup if you can

Prayer Requests:
Curaid’s buddy Brett cut thumb
Scream’s father in law having bypass surgery next week
Buttdial’s daughter – broken leg – pray for healing