• When: 2019-10-24
  • QIC: Starkist
  • The PAX: EZ Bake, Hairnet, Slate, Smithers, Gator Bait, Uncle Rico, Lapdog, Phonebooth, Hokie Pokie, Skunky, Neckbrace, Knot, Starkist

Starkist VQ / Birthday Celebration / pax nightmare

• Divide up in teams of 2
• 7 stations, 4 mins each (28 mins).
○ Merkins
○ Squat w/ block (go as low as possible)
§ Alternates:  shallow squat or no block
○ Pull-ups
§ Alternates: with bands or bent over row with block
○ Overhead press w/ block
○ Block curls
○ Burpees
○ Tire flips
• Only one team member can workout at one time.  The partner can and should motivate but cannot assist.
• Each team gets a piece of write in the rain paper & pen to record their cumulative number of reps at each station.
○ Multiply your teams pull-ups  by 2 and tire flips by 2
○ Total your number of reps for your aggregate score