• When: 5/29/15
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Knozit, Scooper, Candy Stripe, Mac, Catheter, Fracture, Yellow Cake, Pepto, Peachy, Heisenberg, Dunphy, Ken Doll

Stride: BRR Training on MJ’s Hell Hill

F3 Lexington’s BRR team met earlier this week so I guess this thing where we run up a mountain for 208 miles is really happening. Time to run some serious hills to get ready. No better route than MJ’s Hell Hill. Despite the Twitter and email warnings, 12 pax posted anyway. Great seeing some new faces at Stride.

Conditions: 60s, humid of course

The Thang:

Count off

The Route – MJ’s Hell Hill

Leave Lexington Magistrate Parking Lot
Take right onto Main Street toward The Mill
Take left onto Harmon
Take left onto E. Butler
Take left onto Crout and circle back to Harmon & E. Butler
Pass Crout and take left onto Oswald and circle back to Harmon & E. Butler
Pass Crout and Oswald and take left onto Creps and circle back to Harmon
Rinse and repeat until 6:15


Devo: Matthew 15:18 “But the words you speak come from the heart–that what defiles you.”

-You’ll have to take our word for it, this course is hilly. It’s awful. Add this to your BRR training regimen and you’ll be ready.
-Tclaps to Mac & Candy Stripe for the XXL this am. They ran about 7 miles before the rest of us even started. Pepto ran XL, starting at 5am. Nice work, Men!

-First Friday Fathers commences Friday, June 5 at Graveyard, The Hollow, Shawshank & Turning Point. Other AOs fall in where convenient. We’ll also have a Second Saturday Fathers as well. Preblast to come.
-6/6 Lexington has the Q at F3 Winnsboro
-6/13 Color Vibe Run at RBHS
-6/27 The Crucible
-7/10 & 7/11 GORUCK Tough & Light
-8/1 Sweet Baby O 5K
-8/29 Stomp the Swamp / Convergence at 6:30 at Boneyard
-9/10 & 9/11 – BRR
-11/14 Lexington Half Marathon

Prayer Requests
-Family of Ron Alexander. Ron was an elder at Saxe Gotha Pres and drowned wile on vacation in Florida.
-Dunphy’s Mom
-Swanson’s Dad

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