• When: 2019-12-14
  • QIC: Buttermaker
  • The PAX: Globo Gym, Sunday Driver, Little Giants, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Hammer, Canseco, Boo (R), Voltron (R), Booster, Lil' Papi, Buttermaker (R)


DRCConditions: 47, light wind, extremely wet

12 pax posted at TP on a Saturday morning.


The Thang:

Mosey around the front parking lot and over to the bus loop. Circle up.

SSH/ BURPEES: 5 SSH IC, 2 Burpees/ 10 SSH, 4 Burpees and so on until we get to 20 SSH, 8 Burpees. TTT x 10 IC. Mosey to front of school (Voltron said we didn’t finish). Circle up at car line- LBAC x 10F IC/ 10R IC. Let’s finish the SSH/ burpees. 25/10

Mosey to teacher’s lot. Circle up. 21s (2 count  SSH for the count 1-5, 6-21 are silent, everyone must finish at same time or burpee penalty…no burpees here! Mosey to top of stairs. Grab a partner for Tammy Wynette’s (Stand by Your Man). 1 pax completes 10 merkins/ other pax stands beside him- 10 squats. Flip/ flop until you reach 60 as a team. Thanks Hatchet for suggesting we would be uneven doing 50 as a team!

Line up on basketball court for a couple of Chedda’s favorites. Bear Crawl IC to opposite side of court/ lung back. Then T-Plank merkins X 10 IC. Proceed to the stairs, complete 20 calf raises for each of regular, toes in & toes out. Line up at the track.

Scout Elf Run- pax line up on track and begin to mosey. 1st Pax in line sprints for 3 sec then turns around and gets in back of line/ next pax sprints for 3 sec and so on until we completed a lap. Line up on line side of track facing the field.

11s are next! Mosey to other side of field- 10 LBC return to starting side- 1 squat. Repeat until numbers are 1 LBC/ 10 squats. Most pax liked this since field was very wet. Mosey up the stairs and find a column. Peoples chair with arms in front/ then arms to side. YHC wasn’t sure if SD got to do the next exercise so we did Balls to the Wall. Mosey to teacher’s lot.

Mickey Mouse Merkin X 5 (wide grip merkin, diamond merkin, wide grip merkin and then to your feet equals 1) WDW for Walt Disney World. Mosey to end of teacher’s lane alternating butt kicks, high knees and karaoke. Line up at top of parking lot. Fast mosey about 50 yards complete 5 squats, return complete 5 burpees, then 3 of each, then 1 of each. Karaoke to flag/ switching sides half way.

2 min left- IW til the end/ last 30 seconds go fast as you can.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, COT


  • Christmas Party is tonight, be safe
  • Nativity Ruck 12/24, meet at 5am, @f3UrbanLegend on Main St.
  • Friday, January 10, 2020, TP takin over Urban Legend 5:15 am, NEED BIG NUMBERS
  • FHF project/ drop off went well. Cool to see how organized the program is when going to the building.


  • Prayer request
  • LG co-worker’s husband Chris
  • Military
  • Carlas marriage & all marriages
  • Corbitt


Look for ways to help others. If you need to, cut back unnecessary things in your life to have funds to do so. Maybe coming later in the year- F3 pax helping pay off lunch balances.