• When: 3-12-20
  • QIC: Gypsy
  • The PAX: Wire Nuts, Tar Paper, Kiffin (although he may have forgotten his name), Dozer, She Shed, Field Goal, Muggy Tape, Gypsy

Spanish Lessons and Pain Stations

YHC had the privilege of his second solo Q as part of F3 Nation at the Beechhouse today. There was a last minute opening on the Q sheet and I knew that the men needed a “pick me up” after Field Goal laid the smack down on us with his Merlot mile the Tuesday prior, so of course I reluctantly HC’d. The 8 brave warriors who posted this morning, did so out commitment to something greater within themselves and brought their best There were some grumbles about not wanting any more merkins, but YHC was not inclined to oblige. In an effort to get as many PAX out this morning, Muggy Tape and I developed a cunning plan to get and HC out of Dozer, telling him we need him to bring some heavy stuff and he bought it… Upon his arrival, YHC quickly informed him that he had been duped and told him we had plenty of heavy things to pick up with out his cargo being unloaded.

The Conditions: 55 and perfect
The Thang:
Anticipation was palpable and the PAX were ready to get it started
– Chest Press X 30 With Sandbag
– Run 1 Lap
– Merkins X 25
– Run 1 Lap
– Squats X 50
– Run 1 Lap
– Derkins X 25
– Run 1 Lap
– BBSU X 25
– Run 1 Lap
– LBC X 50
– Run 1 Lap
– Jump Rope x 100
– Run 1 Lap
– Flutter kick 100 – With Sandbag
– Run 1 Lap
– Should Press X 50
– Run 1 Lap
– Block Burpees X 10
– Run 1 Lap
– Block Swing X 30
– Run 1 Lap
– Farmer Carry X 1 Lap With 5 gallon bucket – Part of the rouse to get Dozer back to the Beechhouse, ended up scrapping
– Log lifts X 25 (each arm)
– Run 1 Lap
– Monkey Humpers X 50
– Run 1 Lap
– Mtn Climber X 25
– Run 1 Lap
– Curls for the Girls X 50
– Run 1 Lap
Recover @ 0542 – YHC felt sorry for the PAX and gave them 3 minutes back (I didn’t, I just cant tell time…)
Count – O – Rama: Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, se.. siet… 6, siete, ocho
Gauntlet starts 4/13
The nation as it faces the Pandemic of the Coronavirus. There were a few suggestions on hygiene, but those suggestions may not be appropriate in the written form. Long story short, wash your hands and don’t touch people for a while.
Scotch’s father and family
The Burbage Family and Dear Diary

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