• When: 2020-03-12
  • QIC: DoubleFault
  • The PAX: MailOrder, PopTort (r), RumbleStrip, Wingback, CreamCheese, Deebo, Adluh, Fiddy, Broadhead, Haboob, BarCrawl, Bondo, Tailspin, DoubleFault

The One Where We Yelled “Fire” In a Crowded Parking Lot

Lately, YHC is always looking for an open spot on the Q sheet in order to facilitate #acceleration. However, finding a place to lead can be a daunting task when BooBoo, Postal & Rook have filled about every open spot through 2021. Yet, F3Detention had a need for a QIC and YHC pounced.  14 pax were introduced to a few new exercises  this morning and they rocked everything thrown their way – as they always do. Great work, men!

Conditions: 58 deg and dry (IDEAL)

The Thang

OMW, Time called, Disclaimer, No FNGs, Prayer

Warmup lap around the pickle

COP (all exercises IC) x13 for my 2.1’s (Layne) 13th birthday today

  • SSH
  • TTT
  • Windmill
  • Prisoner Squats
  • Sun Gods (AKA LBACs)
    • thumbs up forward/thumbs down rev
  • Seal Claps
  • OH Claps
  • Sun Gods Sobriety Style (AKA standing on one leg)
    • Thumbs up forward standing on left leg/Thumbs down reverse standing on right leg

Mosey to block pile and return to parking lot

Plank for 6

Fire Drill (crowd pleaser)

  • PAX in a circle, chopping feet or high knees. Each PAX calls out “Fire” all PAX hit the ground – roll right, merkin, roll back left, another merkin, then back up- continue chopping feet. Go around the circle until all PAX have called “Fire”.

Lap around the pickle

Block Party (all exercises IC x13)

  • Block squats
  • Plank
  • Merkins OYO
  • Curls 4 Girls
  • Plank
  • 13 Mountain Climbers (called out by Wingback)
  • Thrusters
  • Plank
  • Iron Crosses OYO

Partner Up

Princess Tea Party

  • Partner People’s Chair (Back to back wall sit) OMC. Partners facing each other in plank position, then proceed with Pattycake Merkins x13.

Mosey to end of parking lot with blocks

DORA (severely modified for time)

  • Partner 1 performs exercise while Partner 2 Cusack Carries to crosswalk and back. Flapjack until completed total number of exercises
    • 75 Block Squats
    • 75 Iron Crosses with block
    • 75 Curls 4 Girls

Return blocks to block pile and AYG back to shovel flag


  • Plank
    • rt arm up/lt arm up
  • LBCs x20 OYO
  • Plank
    • Bird Dog plank (rt arm out & lt leg up – flapjack)
  • Flutter Kicks



  • Lexington Safe Run
  • Gauntlet (April 13th start) – April 16th at Detention


  • DearDiary & family
  • Scotch’s father
  • Unspoken

Closing prayer led by YHC


  • Playlist from today’s workout can be found here. FYI – It will be a Detention Rookie-Q mistake to show up sans playlist.
  • When the Q sees Wingback show up, don’t mail it in. This beast is a beast for a reason.
  • The Q knows he is leaving a mark when pax begin to modify into Ferkins (FiA merkins) and start to lay on the sidewalk while staring at the stars (AKA catching their breath)
  • T-claps to the pax for modifying the count at the end of the 13th rep – instead of “HALT” after last cadence, they said “Happy Birthday” – My 2.1 appreciated hearing this!
  • It was an honor to lead this morning!


Short Lived Joy – from www.everymanministries.com

“He regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as of greater value than the treasures of Egypt, because he was looking ahead to his reward.” – Hebrews 11:26 NIV

Stuart Briscoe, host of the Telling the Truth Christian radio program comments, “When God’s commands seem onerous, men often cast them aside and experience a sense of freedom as they do what they want rather than what God wills.  But such joy is short-lived as the negative consequences to health and well-being become apparent.”

Every honest man knows the struggle and pain of selective obedience. On more than one occasion, King Saul of the Old Testament could not resist his impulses to mess with God’s clear instruction.  He is a timeless poster child for every man arrogant enough to turn his back on God’s revealed will.

This is how it played out in Scripture, condensed into a nut shell.

God told Saul in no uncertain terms to kill all the Amalekites and totally destroy everything – men, women, children, and animals for what they did to Israel when they came up out of Egypt. When Samuel approached Saul, Saul said “The Lord bless you! I have carried out the LORD’S instructions.” But Samuel said to Saul “What then is this bleating of sheep in my ears” What is this lowing of cattle that I hear?…You have rejected the word of the Lord.”  Saul deceived himself into believing he was okay when the stark reality was that he had a king and Old McDonald’s farm in his possession! God’s command was clear but Saul obeyed selectively, and his arrogance cost him. Again, the ugly mole poked his head up and deceived Saul and Saul took the bait hook, line, and sinker.  It’s time for us to consider what bait will we succumb to? What is God’s revealed will in our lives? Saul certainly was living with some short-term joy.

Father, you have nothing but my best in mind. Help me consider the consequences of short-term joy.

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