• When: 2019-03-14
  • QIC: Training Wheels (R)
  • The PAX: Voltron (R), Utah (R), Baby Hearts, Rock Drop (R), Fish Wrap, Floppy Disk, Fast Casual, Tupperware, Forrest, 7-11, da Bear (R)

SOUL of Arena’s Team = Utah

2019-03-14 Arena Q

Disclaimer, prayer
Run around parking lot to spot under a light for COP:

SSHx10ic; TTTx10ic; Imperial walker x10ic; LBACx10ic each way; Overhead Claps x10ic; Air Press x 10ic. Mosey to drive in front of school for First letter of SOUL of a Team by Tony Dungy.
1. S – Selflessness. Be willing to give up your own interests for the team.
SPRINTS: full speed to crosswalk. Who won?  This time winner finishes last. Sprint back to beginning. Same thing. Sprint back to crosswalk. Same thing, winner finishes last. Sprint to end of drive.  Did you encourage the six? Were you selfless? Utah took a spill so we all helped him recover and patch up some skinned knees. Might have some hamstring issues so continue to pray for Utah. So to stay near our brother Utah, we stayed in the front of the school.
2. O – Ownership. Own your role on the team.
OVER THERE: 4 corners. 1st corner 10 burpees. 2nd corner 10 merkins. 3rd corner 10 burpees. Back to the beginning 10 merkins. When you finish go find the six and finish with him. Next round: 10 big boy sit-ups and 10 merkins. Same thing, when you finish go find the six and finish with him. Last round: 10 squats and 10 merkins. Did you encourage the six? Checked on Utah. Let’s do some more exercises.
3. U – Unity. Everybody is on the same page, working toward the same goal.
UPHILL: Lock arms and all do Lunge walk to the light.  Next round, karaoke together back to the front of the school. Several guys took Utah and his truck back to his house.
4. L – Larger Purpose. Encapsulates everything the team is striving for. It’s the WHY that motivates everyone. This is the most significant letter in SOUL. There will be NO success unless this one is identified and everyone buys into it. For the team in Tony Dungy’s book SOUL of a Team, it was: a great fan experience, community involvement and
LEGS: Last exercise, 20 Bobbie Hurley’s (jump shot). Finishers keep going until all are done.
The workout ended early because YHC was totally distracted and didn’t realize that we actually had 15 more minutes. So we did COR and NOR and most importantly PRAYED for Utah and his situation.
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