• When: 2019-03-14
  • QIC: Mud Dawg
  • The PAX: Wiggles,Oscar(#Respect),Lugnut,Backdraft(#Respect),Poptart, Big worm,Beads,Chyna,Insanity,Welcome Week,Mclovin,Nard dog, and Mud Dawg

Mud Dawg brings Mile the hard way to Thunder

YHC was honored to have 13 PAX meet me in the gloom for my Thunder VQ. I brought a full body storm of a workout as promised.

Conditions: 50 degrees and ideal

The Thang:

After a mosey lap to get the blood flowing pax circled up for:


20 squats OYO

5 burpees OYO

Introduction to Mile the Hard Way ( a workout designed by YHC can be changed to meet any grueling workout need)

Lap 1 stopping at each corner squats 5, 10, 15, 20 reps ( 5 at corner 1, 10 at corner 2 etc)

Lap 2 Merkins ( 5,10,15,20)

Lap 3 Big Boy Sit-ups (5,10,15,20)

Lap 4 Squats (5,10,15,20)

Once all pax finished we grouped up an moseyed to Emily Douglas park so the fun could continue

All pax got a partner and a block per pair

3 rounds with a partner:

Partner 1: runs up the path out of the gate back down the steps and across the field

Partner 2: Max burpees while partner 1 runs

A round is complete when each person has done the burpees

Noticing a lack in arm pump for the pax I added in 100 block to overhead to be split between partners, burnout style (go until you can’t and then trade off)

Next was 100 dips between partners 1 does dips and 1 does step ups switch off as needed until complete

Return to the flag 30 second plank to wrap up my VQ

Announcements: Convergence at the Spur April 6th

Devo: Insanity