Chris Smith

SOUL of a Team

2019-02-26 Crypt Q Disclaimer, prayer Run around entrance to helicopter pad for COP: SSHx10ic; TTTx10ic; Imperial walker x10ic; LBACx10ic each way; Overhead Claps x10ic; Air Press x 10ic. Mosey to intersection for First letter of SOUL of a Team by Tony Dungy. 1. S – Selflessness. Be willing to give up your own interests for …

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Parking Lot Follies

2018-10-23 Crypt Q Mosey around the columns to the helicopter pad. COP: SSHx15ic; TTTx15ic: ImperialWalkersx15ic; Bend&Reachx15ic, ChopperSquatsx15ic. 1/2 lap around the parking lot to the far side. ParkingLotFollies. 5 bays of parking Curb work: toe taps for 1 min, calf raises for 1 min, incline merkins for 1 min, decline merkins for 1 min. Suicides: …

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2018-04-12 Arena Q Disclaimer, no FNGs, pray COP: SSHx15ic, TTTx15ic, LBACx25ic, Imperial Walkers x15ic, windmills x15ic. Mosey to first light.  We are going to have a little fun with my diet today.  It’s called GBOMBS (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds). However, our GBOMBS will be a little different than that. All exercises are OYO. …

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