• When: 2019-02-26
  • QIC: Training Wheels (R)
  • The PAX: Thumbs Up (R), Rebar, Noah, Dr. Quinn, Ball Boy, Strut

SOUL of a Team

2019-02-26 Crypt Q

Disclaimer, prayer
Run around entrance to helicopter pad for

SSHx10ic; TTTx10ic; Imperial walker x10ic; LBACx10ic each way; Overhead Claps x10ic; Air Press x 10ic. Mosey to intersection for First letter of SOUL of a Team by Tony Dungy.
1. S – Selflessness. Be willing to give up your own interests for the team.
SPRINTS: full speed to end if parking lot. Who won?  This time winner finishes last. Sprints along side of the school. Same thing. Sprints out to the culdesac. Sprints back to walkway. Sprints down the walkway to the parking lot.  Did you encourage the six?
2. O – Ownership. Own your role on the team.
OVER THERE: 4 corners. 1st corner 10 burpees. 2nd corner 10 merkins. 3rd corner 10 burpees. Back to the beginning 10 merkins. When you finish go find the six and finish with him. Next round: 10 big boy sit-ups and 10 merkins. Same thing, when you finish go find the six and finish with him. Last round: 10 squats and 10 merkins. Did you encourage the six? Mosey to Reaper Hill.  Graveyard joined us for some true UNITY.
3. U – Unity. Everybody is on the same page, working toward the same goal.
UPHILL: Lock arms and all do Lunge walk in unison to first lights. Next round, karaoke together to middle. Next round, lock arms and walk backwards to next set of lights. Last round, sprint to the top (see if winners come back for the 6).
4. L – Larger Purpose. Encapsulates everything the team is striving for. It’s the WHY that motivates everyone. This is the most significant letter in SOUL. There will be NO success unless this one is identified and everyone buys into it.
LEGS: 20 step-ups each leg. Finishers find the 6 and finish with them. Next, 20 squats. Finishers keep going until all are finished. Last exercise, 20 Bobbie Hurley’s (jump shot). Finishers keep going until all are done. Return to shovel flag for Mary time permitting.
Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Announcements, 
Mar 2- F3Lex 5-yr anniversary convergence at Graveyard. Time 6:30am
Mar 9 – Lighthouse For Life 5k Glow Run at Saluda Shoals. 7pm
Mar 16 – LRAH 
Mar 22-23 – p200
Support Thumbs Up for Leukemia and Lymphoma Man if the Year.
Thirsty Thursday this Thursday Feb 28 at Keg Cowboy 6-ish til whenever.
Prayer Requests.  Several health related and family issues. Prayed for all of them. 
“Mercenaries will defeat Draftees, but Volunteers will crush them both.” Chuck Knoll
1. Mercenaries are the hired guns, they are only in it for the money.
2. Drafted people are the first to throw in the towel. They were told to be part of the team.
3. Enlisted/Volunteers will fight against all odds because they believe in the cause.