• When: 2018-10-23
  • QIC: Training Wheels (R)
  • The PAX: Thumbs Up (R), Rocking Chair (R), Gremlin, Strut, No Help

Parking Lot Follies

2018-10-23 Crypt Q

Mosey around the columns to the helicopter pad.
COP: SSHx15ic; TTTx15ic: ImperialWalkersx15ic; Bend&Reachx15ic, ChopperSquatsx15ic.
1/2 lap around the parking lot to the far side.
ParkingLotFollies. 5 bays of parking
Curb work: toe taps for 1 min, calf raises for 1 min, incline merkins for 1 min, decline merkins for 1 min.
Suicides: bear crawl, crab walk, lunge, Frankenstein, broad jump.
Parking lot sprints: back pedal sprints up first bay, forward sprint down. Plank for the six. Next bay, do karaoke sprints up and forward sprint down. Alternate until all 5 bays are done. Mosey back to the shovel flag.
The Matrix. Forward lunge 4 count x 10ic. Front Angle lunge. Side lunge. Back angle lunge. Rear lunge. Kurtsie lunge (side step tie out). We only had time for about 6 each.
Count-o-Rama. Name-o-Rama. Announcements:
Go Leo race this sat oct 27 at Saluda Shoals time 8:30am but get there early.
Cheech 10k and Lexington half nov 10
mission shirt order, deadline nov 2. DM TW for details. Oliver Gospel Mission Mac&Che Drive starts now and goes until nov 12. TW is coordinator for F3Lex.
Palmetto Place is Sunday’s 4-5pm see Rocking Chair for details.  Savannah half nov 3. Hairy Bison 15k and 30k nov 17.
Devo: 1 Peter 2:11-17 we are in this world but not of this world. Don’t fall for the things of the world. Be different, do good deeds that glorify God.