• When: 2018-10-20
  • QIC: Dear Diary & Pick Axe
  • The PAX: Pick Axe, Hatchet, Hammer, Fast Casual, Spur, Closer, Quisenberry, Sippy Cup & Dear Diary

Dear Diary & Pick Axe

(9) Pax come out for a Dear Diary & Pick Axe Saturday morning Co Q.

Weather: Cool & Moist

Disclaimer / BOM / Prayer

Mosey around big circle of Front Parking Lot.

COP: Circle up in Front Parking Lot

  1. SSH x 18 ic
  2. Merkins x 9 ic
  3. TTT x 9 ic
  4. LBAC (both directions) x 9 ic

Mosey past the Bus Loop only to encounter a locked gate. After some debate we mosey back to the Bus Loop for Partner work.

  1. Merkins x 50 (total)
  2. Squats x 50 (total)
  3. Carolina Drydocks x 50 (total)
  4. Big Boy Sit Ups x 50 (total)

Peoples Chair for the 6.

Mosey back to the wall @ the Front Parking Lot.

  1. Step Ups x 25 (each leg 50 total) oyo
  2. Incline Merkins on the wall x 25 oyo
  3. Step Ups x 25 (total) oyo
  4. Decline Merkins on the wall x 25 (or until 6:30) oyo

6:30 AM Pick Axe Takes the Reigns:

  1. Mosey to the track for some No Mercy Mile until 6:45
  2. 2 Hand Touch Football with the AOQ as all time QB

Ended up with a tie but Spur won bragging rights over Fast Casual (his Dad).

Mosey to the Flag for some Boat / Canoe until 7:00 AM.

All got better and most had fun!

Announcements: Go Leo Go (f3leo for 50% off), Cheech 10K & Christmas Party December 14th

Prayers: Hampton Schultz, Corbett Anderson, Harp (Father passed away this week), Saxe Gotha Club 4/5 (4th & 5th Graders) @ Superstart in Atlanta, Pine Tar on Retreat

Coffeeteria: (8) traveled to Bojangles for some 2nd F.