• When: 2018-10-23
  • QIC: Bar Crawl
  • The PAX: Ebert, Brainiac, Katniss, Deadstick, Bar Crawl

The one about puppies

While YHC has known several of the regular PAX out at The Stand, unfortunately I had not made the effort to travel out into the gloom with my brothers at Deerfield. That changed a month or so ago at Salsarita’s when Chinstrap voluntold YHC to jump on the Q sheet (by putting me on the Q sheet) for October 23rd. I happily accepted the challenge with nary a thought to the whole “5am start at an AO that is 20 minutes from my house” thing. Fast forward to today’s 3:55AM alarm, which was set to ensure I could also enjoy some Stridelite (Standlite?) before the workout commenced. Upon pulling into Deerfield, I realized I never asked where the PAX meet, so I pull up to the front door, hop out, and start running circles around the parking lot. Pretty soon I see a lone headlight coming from the back of the school and hear someone yelling something about puppies. Turned out Katniss saw headlights and an empty cardboard box in the grass and assumed that someone dropped off some puppies rather than assuming the day’s Q had shown up and not known where to go! After moving my truck to the proper location and running a few more laps, PAX started arriving and we were ready to go! The goal of today’s Q was to ensure that all PAX were moving for all 45 minutes of the workout.

46 and clear


Mosey around the parking lot loop to an open spot in the grass

20 SSHs
1 burpee OYO
20 Windmills
2 burpees OYO
20 Imperial Walkers
3 burpees OYO
20 TTT
4 burpees OYO
24 Little Baby Arm Circles (YHC meant to stop at 20 and forgot, then meant to stop at 25 but messed that up too)
5 burpees OYO

Run back to the door of the school near the parking lot, while performing high knees and butt kicks
Upon arrival, the PAX found a list of 10 exercises, each with a corresponding lap number
Partner up and since we had 5 PAX and Brainiac is still recovering, he and Rosie the dog partnered up
One PAX runs a lap around the parking lot (approx 1/5 mile) while your partner performs AMRAP of each exercise
When partner returns, flapjack
We made it through 9 laps (2.1 miles total) before time was called
Lap 1: Mountain Climbers
Lap 2: Big Boy Situps
Lap 3: Monkey Humpers
Lap 4: Heel Touches
Lap 5: Gorilla Squats
Lap 6: Plank Jacks
Lap 7: American Hammers
Lap 8: Hand Release Merkins
Lap 9: Freddie Mercuries
Lap 10: Calf Raises





  • Brainiac and his M – going through a lot right now
  • Deadstick’s friend – brother passed away on his 49th birthday
  • Deadstick’s sister and brother-in-law
  • Prayer/Praise for Kid Sister’s new job.  He is a police officer, so we congratulate his new career and pray for his protection


1 Timothy 6:11
But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.

What really stood out about this verse was that as men of God, we should be pursuing gentleness. Often times society tells us that a man is rough and far from gentle. But the scripture clearly tells us that men of God are called to pursue these things. YHC challenged the PAX to think about how we act towards those around us, especially the ones closest to use like our wives and children. Do we treat them with gentleness? Or do we push them away with our “manliness” and build a wall between us? We should all focus on these qualities that we are called to pursue.

I really enjoyed spending the morning with the PAX of The Stand!  Deerfield looks like a great spot for an AO, with plenty of space and I learned that they even have their own hill, affectionately known as Blueberry Hill.  I encourage anyone to get out there ASAP and bring a Q for these men, they are up for any challenge

#TClaps to Brainiac for continuing to post while recovering from injuries. It means a lot to the other PAX to have him out there supporting them and pushing himself.

Enjoyed spending the morning with Rosie the pup! She’s a great doggo and really enjoyed anytime the PAX were on the ground doing AMRAPS, as it meant she could help them by licking all the sweat off.