• When: 2018-10-20
  • QIC: McLovin/Contra/Cap Gun/Teddy/Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Sway (Respect), Sister Wife, Big Worm, Pipeline, Windmill (Respect), Neighbor (Respect), Selfie, Rudder (Respect), Colombo, McLovin, Cap Gun, McNugget, Chubs, Chewie, Teddy, Side Saddle, Venti, Fountainhead, Dirty Bird (Respect), Hawg, Subprime, OBC (Repsect), Contra, Rated R, The Don, Nugget, Troy Built (Respect), Serena, Eldrick, Froman, Gump, Turnpike, SnapChat, "Wingbat", Postal, Rocking Chair (Respect), Billy Bob, Hobby Lobby (FNG).

I’ll have the Sampler Platter please. F3 Columbia celebrates 6 years!

On October 20, 2012, F3 Capitol City was launched with 13 FNGs led by Crotch Rocket and Senior Chips. This morning 38 men, including 1 FNG, entered the Gloom, at the original location, to celebrate 6 years of the #COLAM explosion.

Conditions: 65 Degrees Perfect

The Thang:

Billy Bob Q

Circle up on the practice field for Through the Tunnel IC x 10 and then a quick SSH for kicks and giggles. YHC then explains what the real workout will entail.

  • 4 Stations consisting of 4 different disciplines. Bootcamp, Run, Ruck and Kettlebells.
  • PAX count off in 4s which determines which station to start at.
  • After 13 minutes of exercise, YHC will blow whistle indicating it’s time to quickly shift to next station.
  • Rinse/Repeat until PAX have rotated through all 4 stations.

Station 1: Bootcamp – McLovin Q

  • SSH x 18 (IC)
  • Squats x 12 (IC)
  • Imperial Walker x 12 (IC)
  • Merkins x 6 (IC)
  • Burpees x 6 (OYO)

Mosey to wall adjacent to field.

  • Peoples Chair for 30 seconds.  Sprint across field.  Rinse/Repeat x 2 

Mosey to middle of field and circle up.

  • Big Boy Sit-ups x 12 (OYO)
  • Flutter Kicks x 12 (IC)
  • Solo Iron Cross x 12 (OYO)
  • Chaser LBC x 12 (IC)

Mosey to fence adjacent to field.

  • Broad Jump to cone (20 to 30 yards) & lunge walk back to fence.
  • Bear crawl to cone (20 to 30 yards) & lunge walk back to fence.
  • Crab walk to cone (20 to 30 yards) & lunge walk back to fence.
  • High plank/Low plank sequence

Station 2: Run  – Cap Gun Q

Training elements- Indian Run (warm up and brief speed), jog (recovery), hill sprints (speed), fartlek (speed / tempo) for strong finish

  • Indian run on Adger to top of Berkeley Road and Adger Hills
  • Mosey to bottom of Berkeley Hill (left). One pax gives a countdown from 10. Hill sprint to top and collect pax and catch breath.
  • Mosey to bottom of Adger Hill. One pax gives a countdown from 10. Hill sprint to top and collect pax.
  • Mosey back towards AO to catch breath. Collect pax after blinking red light at Devereaux.
  • Rolling start to fartlek sprint from big oak trees to Cassina. Mosey back to AO
Route shaped like a Y. Like “Y am I doing this to myself”?
Station 3: Ruck – Contra Q
  • Choose a ruck and bear-crawl through the O-Line Chute.
  • Slowsy to pull-up bars for 25 each OYO: pull-ups, mercans, and thrusters
  • Slowsy back to metal tunnel and bearcrawl back to start point
  • 1st and every 3rd pax through the tunnel becomes a casualty to be carried by the 2 pax behind him approximately 30 yards out and back; switch casualty until everyone has been carried.
  • Plank or air-chair for the six
  • Rinse and repeat until time to change stations; at time, ground ruck and mosey to next station
  • Last group rucked all coupons/rucks back to COT
Station 4: Kettlebells – Teddy Q
  • 10 single-leg deadlifts, left leg OYO
  • 10 napalms OYO
  • 20 squats with the bell OYO
  • 20 kettlebell swings OYO
  • 10 kettlebell snatches, left hand OYO
  • 20 flutter-press with the bell (in cadence)
  • Rinse / Repeat all exercises. right leg deadlifts and right hand snatches.

Return to COT for Counterama, Name-o-rama and BOM.

Continued prayers requested for the Leighton and Fleischer families.

Prayer by Billy Bob: See at bottom of page.


T-Claps go to 1stF Q, Cesspool, for creating the “F3 Sampler Platter” (Name credit: Pipeline). The idea was to pay homage to the exercise disciplines that have shaped F3 Columbia’s PAX and the Region as a whole. Also, the goal was to get PAX out of their comfort zones and expose them to things they normally don’t do.

Thanks to our brothers from across the river at F3 Lexington for joining us. It should be noted that while Columbia averages 90 PAX on Tuesday/Thursday workouts, Lexington is around 170 PAX.

T-Claps to Wingback (or is it now WingBAT?) for bringing out FNG Hobby Lobby!

Finally, it was an honor to have Sway and the original F3 Capitol City shovel flag post with us. Sway, we hope to see you more often!


F3 Columbia Unity Prayer (AKA “The Husker Prayer”):

Dear Lord, In the battles we go through in life,

We ask for a chance that is fair.
A chance to equal all your stripes,

A chance to do or dare.
If we shall win,

Let it be by the code,

With our faith and honor held high.
If we should lose,

Let us stand by the road,

And cheer as the winners go by.
Day by day,
We get better and better.
The team that can’t be beat,

Won’t be beat!