• When: 2020-03-07
  • QIC: Some TP regulars
  • The PAX: Say What?!?, Cheddar, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Bonsai, Fast Casual, Muggy Tape, Mercy Rule, Sunday Driver, Iron Mary, Pocahontas, Quest, Canseco, Wapner, Pine Tar, Quisenberry, Ranger, Double Fault, Landing Strip, Strut, Swanson, Tater, Buttermaker, Lil Papi, Argyle, Treadmill, Little Giants, Kenwood, Tattoo, Cowbell, Boo, Soaker, Joe Pa, Forrest, Shake and Bake, Red Eye, Lego, Floppy Disk, Arrears, Gypsy, Rockdrop, Utah, Overnight, Wilbur, Navy Bean, Genie, Voltron, Wild Hog, Coon Dog, Clapper, Booster

Some of Dear Diary’s favorites

51 PAX posted at the Lexington County Public Library, adjacent to the Agape center where Dear Diary is staying. Some of the Turning Point regulars made the decision Thursday to change the Saturday workout to the library for the proximity to our brother, and by Friday evening multiple AOs were converging there to honor Dear Diary. It was powerful, inspirational, and a whole bunch of other things that makes F3 Lexington F3 Lexington.

Without knowing anything about the temporary AO space for the workout, and without knowing approximately how many PAX would attend, the workout was somewhat of a fluid situation. A number of Turning Point regulars tag teamed the Q… and Treadmill was supposed to handle Mary at the end but YHC got caught up in the moment and completely forgot. Cobains TM. T-claps to all the PAX who helped lead the workout and all the PAX for their patience and flexibility to make it a success.

Weather- clear and 35ish


Booster- Disclaimer in Dear Diary style “I’m not a professional, I’m barely even an amateur”- Prayer- and an overview of instructions that we have picked out some of Dear Diary’s favorites from some of his backblasts over the last few years.

Wapner- COP

  • SSH IC
  • TTT IC
  • LBAC forward IC
  • Raise the roof IC
  • Dirty Birds IC
  • Moroccan Night clubs IC
  • 10 Merkins OYO

PAX counted off into 3 groups. Special T-claps to Swanson and Tater, as they led a station along with YHC. They did the same thing with 3 different groups so are probably a little sore now. PAX went to each station for 8-10 minutes until it was time to rotate.

Group 1- went with Swanson for some tunnel of love, specifically from the Dear Diary workout on 2019-09-12 and one we still talk about today. I didn’t see what went on over there but the PAX were talking about it when they came to my station so that means it was quality. From the exicon, the tunnel of love is- While Pax plank side by side, one by one someone crawls under the tunnel of planking pax. Best done with a ruck on, in the snow, or anywhere there is accumulated mud.

Group 2- went with Tater for some circle burps, specifically from the Dear Diary workout on 2019-08-27 and others over the years. These are ALWAYS a bear, especially with a bunch of PAX. From the exicon, the circle burp is- PAX Circle up and start chopping feet or doing high knees. Starting with the Q and going around the circle each PAX, one by one, calls out “down” and everyone drops and does a burpee. The circle burp is complete after each PAX in the circle has called “down”. This is similar to doing Up Downs.

Group 3- came with YHC for some calf raises, curb hops and merkins. You can bet your house on doing calf raises during a Dear Diary workout, and we made sure we got them in today, with regular IC x 20, toes out IC x 20, and toes in IC x 20. We did 10 merkins OYO in between each set, and then mixed in some curb hop variations with the PAX with merkins sprinkled in between sets.

After that Quisenberry led the PAX for what was the equivalent of some buddy bus loops. For those who have never been to Turning Point, there is a bus loop toward the back of campus that Dear Diary uses often during his Q’s. For buddy bus loops, PAX partnered up and one PAX completed 2 laps around the parking lot while the other did the exercise, then flap jack until all were completed. These were the exercises:

      • Merkins x 100
      • Carolina Drydocks x 100
      • BBSU x 100
      • Squats x 100

From there, the PAX grabbed the shovel flags and moseyed over to the front of Agape for a Canseco led devotional where he reflected on our friend Dear Diary, his faith, his outlook on life, and his ability to inspire people before praying for Dear Diary and the Burbage family.

The PAX moseyed back to the starting point for COT, where YHC completely forgot about my man Treadmill and the mary that was planned.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama

Announcements- Good Friday Crossruck, Gauntlet, P200

Quisenberry led the closing prayer followed by a few other PAX in prayer.


A few hours after the workout, as I was reflecting on this morning, it really hit me how special this morning was, and this workout group. When I started F3 the only reason I posted was to stay in decent physical shape. And then something happens- you buy into it and allow yourself to be a part of it. For some it happens at the first workout, for others it may take years, or perhaps never happens. But like so many others have already said, there comes a time when the 1st F is the least important part of the F3 experience. This morning was one of those times for all of the PAX who posted with us. If you haven’t experienced that yet through F3, it is time to buy in and allow yourself to be a part of it. No doubt it will change you.

Dear Diary bought in a few years back, and every PAX there is morning has been touched and inspired by Dear Diary. Prior to his illness, during this illness, and after this illness,  we know that Dear Diary will inspire a lot more PAX.



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