• When: 2020-03-06
  • QIC: Pinot
  • The PAX: Shag, Penny Stock, Pepto, Sweet Tart, Dance Off, Watergate, Olive Oil, Steel Toe, Cheddar, Double Fault, Chop Block, LeRoy and YHC

Soccer with a F3 Style Twist

13 brave soles ventured out this morning, glad to see that there was no rain on the forecast for the day.  It was a nice 47 degree morning at the pellet palace, and a regular game of soccer was started around 5 AM.

Teams were already divided when YHC finally showed up (~5:01, thanks to Shag, my driver…) but team 1 was graciously given the extra man, while Shag headed over to team 2 being told his team was about to dominate.

A new ball was just purchased by Pepto, and he came ready to show it off.  Problem was the ball wasn’t ready for us.  The ball failed to get the memo that it was supposed to stay lit between bounces and kicks, instead it was a lot of stealth mode.  Needless to say, that didn’t last long, and we went back to the 1 light ball that we had stashed as backup.  Theories are out there that Chop Block and Pepto just practiced extremely hard with the new ball while trying to break it in.

Top 5:

  1. It appeared as though the deck was stacked for team 2 by putting Sweet Tart, Watergate, and Dance Off on the same team, but the extra man proved to be too much.  Team 1 got out to a quick 4-1 lead, and I heard comments by team 2 alluding to the fact that they actually needed to play some sort of defense, they weren’t just going to be able to outscore team 1.  Shag did hang back on defense, and actually deflected a ball so nicely, that he got credit for the extra point on the attempt.
  2. Speaking of defense, Steel Toe, Cheddar, and LeRoy were like a steel fortress around the goal this morning.  They would venture up when necessary, but they were always sure someone was back to stop the fast breaks.
  3. About half way through the game, YHC decided to mix it up and throw in some Merkins and Side-Stradle Hops.  For shot attempts that went out of bounds, 10 merkins were to be performed.  For anything else that caused the ball to go out of bounds, 5 SSH were required.  There were mixed reviews at first, but people began to get the hang of it.  We shall see if YHC is allowed to Q again in the near future after trying to include actual work out stuff.
  4. Back to game action, there were numerous individuals that took balls to the head, gut, man region, etc. throughout the game.  Some people weren’t sure if we were just all participating in a human pin ball game at times.  No one was injured, but I think Olive Oil was admitted into concussion protocol for the week.
  5. The final score is up for debate, depending on who you ask.  It was 8-4 with team 1 in the lead, when the “Next Goal Ends” annoucement was made.  Team 2 swears this meant the next goal was worth 5, and instead it was “Next Goal Wins”.  Needless to say, they scored the final goal, so it was either 9-8 or 8-5, depending on who you ask.

Announcements – Back at RHBC for some sort of Frisbee action next week

Prayer requests – Cheddar’s FIL passed away, Snow family, Dear Diary, Molly

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