• When: 11/17/2017
  • QIC: Caboose
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Stay Puff, Wino, Shankopotomus (Respect), Matlock, Nub, Tongue n Groove, Mermaid, Caboose

Rooster Speedruck (Or Running With Mermaids)



YHC has been eager to try a speedruck for a while now and decided to pull the trigger this am at Rooster. 9 PAX swallowed the DRP and posted for some good ol’ get-betterment. 6 (including an FNG) put in about 4 miles running and YHC took HT and Nub on a speedrucking adventure through the spooky woods of Frances St and around the back of the Walmart shopping center and back. The speedruckers  covered 3 miles in 42 minutes, including  the final tenth which, as Nub pointed out, was a half mile long. It was YHC’s privilege this am to be able to bestow a long awaited name on a mysterious Smokehouse and Rooster PAX. This man has been in our message boards for weeks now. He posted to an impromptu Hollywood Q on a Saturday am at Smokehouse, where it was decided (Q’s discretion) to hold off on the naming until there were more than 2 PAX present. He also took part in an unofficial Sunday afternoon run with some Rooster PAX. This PAX is very mysterious indeed. Sightings have been reported but no evidence of his existence has been recorded. This fact led one Smokehouse PAX to venture forth the name by which this mysterious, almost mythical, PAX shall henceforth be known. Welcome….. Mermaid!

Oh and also- Special guest appearances by Puck and Doodle!



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