• When: 2017-11-14
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Fry Daddy, Grease Trap, Cheddar, The Closer, Tater, Wilbur, Wapner, Simon Says, Kyree, Canseco, Blades, Granola(R), Mac

The horn section of the Turning Point Band

A baker’s dozen showed up in the chilly gloom of Turning Point to get a dose of the DRP. As is the norm at TP, the mumblechatter (complaintchatter?) was strong as was the horn section. With Canseco and Granola playing dueling solos on the brown trumpets YHC was lucky to make it out with his eyebrows still intact!

The weather: Cold, sub 40

The Thang:

Mosey around back to the soccer field

COP – All IC

Side straddle hop x 20

Thru the tunnel x 20

Imperial Walker x 30

Windmill x 20

Lil baby arm circles x 15 forward

OH claps x 20

Lil baby arm circles x 15 backerds


Mosey around the track to the other end of the field and stop at this dry spot

Bulgarian ball buster x 15 each leg OYO

Morning Wood x 10 each side OYO

Merkinators x 10 OYO


Mosey over to the brick pile area and circle up

The Cyclone

All Pax start AMRAP burpees

1st Pax runs and bricks up and upon his return he starts brick circuit and next Pax bricks up

brick circuit:

Curls for the girlz x 10

OH press x 10

Tricep extensions x 10

rinse and repeat

When all Pax have bricked up the 1st Pax runs backs and debricks and strarts AMRAP burpees until all Pax have debrickified

Mosey to the OG parking lot

Wall sit

Wall burpees x 5

Wall sit w/ arms out

Wall burpees x 5

Mosey around to the front of the school


Hydraulics x 20 IC

Lil baby crucnches x 20 IC

Peter Parker plank x 10 secs per side x 2

Russian twist x 20 IC

Parker Peter x 20 IC

Freddy Mercury

Newton’s cradle x 20 IC

Heel touch to V-up x 20 IC

Flutterkicks x 39 IC

Jailbreak back to the flag




  • Another great workout at Turning Point. It’s always a fun time with this crowd. YHC did escape without having a shoe thrown at him this time.
  • Between Canseco and Granola I could have worn one of them was going to crap their pants. Now that I think about it one of them may have