• When: 11/09/17
  • QIC: Happy Trees and Caboose
  • The PAX: Nub, Wilson, Wino, Polecat, Tongue n Groove, Hollywood, Stay Puff, Happy Trees, Caboose

Magical Mystery Q

YHC has been remiss. YHC owes the PAX of Smokehouse a back blast for the magical, mysterious and MOIST workout which took place more than a week ago on a rainy Thursday am. The intention of the Mystery Q was threefold: to fill a spot on the Q sheet that had gone empty a little too long, to give the PAX an interesting surprise, and to deliver a beatdown that would make the PAX more likely to fill up the Q sheet in order to avoid more workouts where they would be forced to do burpees and run 2 miles in the rain. Did it work? Only time will tell.



Mosey to the part of the track nearest the blockpile

The Thang:

HT- Slaughter Starter: Burpees x20

Run lap around track

Caboose- HRPCMB’s x10

Run lap

HT- Al Gore Burpees x10 (a new burpee variation of HT’s design to honor a legendary Smokehouse PAX who is seldom able to post now due to an occupational change. Done on Q’s call assume Al Gore position, jump up, drop to burpee, reverse lunge x1 each leg and return to Al Gore. We miss ya Al!)

Run lap

Caboose- Grab a block, Ranger Burpees x10… no wait, lets make it 15 then put the blocks back

Run lap

HT- Burpees x8, HRPCMB’s x4, Al Gore Burpees x3

Run Lap

Caboose- Burp n Merk x10

Run Lap

HT- 5 glorious minutes of Boat Canoe

Mosey back to flag



Smokehouse closed on Thanksgiving, converge at Hollow or CAT

12/8 Christmas party at Winos

Prayer Requests:


Chad Arant

Doodles daughter SK

Kinards son