• When: 2020-06-12
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Soaker, Ken Doll, Cheers

Shawshank Takeover at Urban Legend

We had 3 PAX show up for some sweat induced fun at Urban Legend today, all of which happened to be Shankers. We missed the rest of you but YHC enjoyed some mumble chatter from Ken Doll as expected. It wouldn’t be a workout with that and YHC is glad for it! Thanks for the work put in and here’s to more PAX showing up next week.

Here’s how it went:

Conditions: Thick humidity, that’s all that was noticed


Mosey to quad by the courthouse

Bear Crawl the circle, stopping randomly for exercises:
Burpees x 5
Carolina Dry Docks x 10
Plank jacks x 10

Mosey to parking garage

•At bottom of garage, squats x 50
•Lunge to top
•50 squats at top

Move into exercises at top parking lot for 4 corners half speed run between corners:
C1: Carolina Dry Docks x 25
C2: Flutter kicks x 25 each leg
C3: Plank Jacks x 25
C4: Donkey kicks x 10 each leg

Lunge to bottom of garage

Mosey to park east of amphitheater for 3 rounds of fun:

•Pull ups x 10
•Dips x 10
•Incline merkins x 10
•Decline merkins x 10

Recover walk to Hwy 6

Mosey to bottom of parking lot adjacent to church:
Run backwards up the hill, between 75 and 100 meters, then mosey back to the bottom. Rinse and repeat. Run one more time up the hill backwards then recover walk halfway to SF.

Mosey back to shovel flag

Hello Dollies x 25 IC
LBC x 100
Six inches x 1 minute

End of original Weinke

Time fillers:
Monkey humpers x 25 (up down is ONE)
SSH x 25 IC

-6/13: At BeechHouse (Beechwood Middle School) for convergence with Cryptonite
-6/16: Shawshank heads back to home base at soccer complex
-6/20: Shawshank 6 year anniversary Q

-Soaker’s family during difficult time
-Doo Dah
-Our Nation
-Cheers’ co-worker in Myrtle Beach
-Bing’s uncle
-Lego’s parents

Devo: same as yesterday

Being Greater

Brandon Burlsworth was a walk on player at Arkansas in 1994. He sacrificed more than his share to become a great player. He eventually won a full scholarship, became an All SEC player, then an All American, and finally was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts. His determination was astonishing, but his faith in God was greater. He had a tragic ending to his life, but his legacy far outweighs his Earthly accomplishments. He continues to be a great inspiration to those left behind here on Earth.

Brandon had a strong faith in God and put Him in everything he did. Is this why he achieved so much greatness?


Can we learn to do the same in our world today? Put God first in everything.

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