• When: Tuesday May 5th, 2015
  • QIC: Shades of Grey
  • The PAX: Blindside, El Crapper, Landslide, Say What, Blackout, Permit, Creeper, FDIC & Shades of Grey

Shades Fiesta, Let’s do Merkins!!!!!!

9 Pax came out to party w/ Shades of Grey on Cinco de Mayo. It was 57 degrees as the Pax made their way over to the side lawn.

The Thang:

Little Baby Arm Circles, 10 forward/10 backwards-IC

Side Straddle Hops 25 –IC

Through the Tunnel 25-IC

Windmills 25-IC

Q then informs the Pax that due to the Cinco de Mayo holiday we will be doing 5 x 5’s:

First set, 5 merkins, 5 LBC’s, on your own, plank when done, add 5 until we hit 25.

Walk to the curb

Second Set, 5 Tri extensions, 5 calf raises, on your own, plank when done, add 5 until we hit 25

Third set, 5 incline merkins, 5 squats, on your own, plank when done, add 5 until we hit 25

Fourth set, 5 Imperial Walkers, 5 heel taps on your own, plank when done, add 5 until we hit 25

Fifth set, 5 decline merkins, 5 Mt climbers on your own, plank when done, add 5 until we hit 25

After this Q decides to circle up back on the lawn, 24 Russian Twists IC, Q left one on the lawn, Say What threw out flutter kicks, 25 IC, FDIC wanted to Guantanamo’s, big circle….Blind Side gave us the last exercise, the Cherry Picker, which was continued for 4 minutes.

Circle up w/ Crypt


Devo: Satan loves to trip us over the little things. The reason for this is that it is generally a greater victory for him and shows that he can upset us by a shaving and knock us down with a straw. It id the old Boast of Jebusites, when they told David they could defend Jerusalem by a garrison of the blind and lame. Most of us manage better in our great struggles than we do in our minor ones. It was over a little piece of fruit that Adam fell, but all the world was wrecked. Keep a close watch for the little stumbling blocks and do not let Satan laugh at you and tell his demons how he tripped you over a banana peel. Then, too, when the devil wants to hinder some great blessing in our lives, he generally throws somw ugly shadow over it and makes it look distasteful to us. How many times has the devil, succeeded in preventing us from receiving God’s greatest blessing by keeping up from certain truths or places or persona which we avoided because of our false or foolish prejudice! Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world-1 John 4:4


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