• When: 2018-07-03
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: Fuzzy Navel, Wayward Son, Navy Bean

Sand, Sweat, Sandbags and Stations……

On a hot, muggy, sticky morning, YHC thought it to be a good idea to throw out a sandbag workout for the faithful pax. When it was all said and done, the pax were covered in sand in what could have been a #BlameDunphy moment. Here’s what had happened…

***Conditions: 72 degrees with 100% humidity

***Disclaimer and Prayer

NO COP today. 

By having an even number of pax, the plan worked perfectly. Everyone partner up. There are 5 stations.

Station 1:

Partner 1 – With sandbag on shoulders, prisoner lunge from sideline to sideline and back.

Partner 2 – Chest press with block. #AMRAP

Station 2:

Partner 1 – Start on sideline, sandbag throw to half-way across the field, turn around and come back.

Partner 2 – Squats with block. #AMRAP

Station 3:

Partner 1 – Duck walk from sideline to sideline and back.

Partner 2 – V-Ups with sandbag. #AMRAP

Station 4:

Partners line up back to back. Pass sandbag back and forth. 25 reps going left, 25 to right. (This was a bad idea)

Station 5:

All pax start at one corner of the field. Sprint from end zone to end zone, then karaoke across field to other corner, then backward sprint length of field, then sprint across to starting point.

Rinse and Repeat.

*** Announcements:

7/4: July 4 event at the State Capitol honoring Ryan Rawl.
8/4: Sweet Baby O 5K
8/25: Stomp the Swamp

*** Prayer Requests:

Trickle – Hernia surgery

Overage – Job situation

*** Moleskin:

There is something to be said for having a small group. We all like to brag about big numbers, but when you have a small group, the pax really push each other and more people are free to talk. These men killed it this morning. There was also a sweat sighting on Wayward Son. The dude makes everything look easy, and does it without sweating. My man broke a good one this morning. YHC appreciated the mumble chatter and for the push.