• When: 2018-07-03
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Cajun, Rah Rah, Grout, Tinkle, Julep, Hops, Bed Bug, Chum Lee, Pass Ball (R), Kenwood.

Patriotic tunes were heard by those at Tomahawk

The 4th of July always brings Gilbert and the Peach Festival to the center of everyone’s attention.  I am no exception, especially since my M is from Gilbert and in-laws live right downtown on Broad Street.  So I’ve been going to the Peach Festival since around 1990.  It’s always a good time.  They really need to do something about the heat thought.  That being said I figured I needed to Q somewhere and, hey, why not Tomahawk on the 3rd of July.  So…

Weather was nice.  Not too hot, not too steamy (yet).  I arrived a little early to do some recon and place some cones along Goat Hill.  I wore an “America” shirt and chose some patriotic songs for the workout.  T-claps to Pass Ball who got 4 miles in before bootcamp.

1 minute warning, intro, no FNGs, disclaimer, prayer, mosey’ed to the back of the school for the warm-up:

  • 15x SSHs IC
  • 15x TTTs IC
  • 15x AirSquats IC

I usually do some BBSUs or LBCs, but there was talk of spurs on the ground.  Better safe than sorry.  Next we each grabbed a block from the pile nearby.  The blocks aren’t your typical cinder block.  It’s more of a u-shape.  More on that later.  Everyone head to Goat Hill…

There were performed two rounds of partner based exercises.  – all to a selection of patriotic tunes to help celebrate.  The exercises were done as a team with the “running” partner going up and down Goat Hill(~50m up):

Round 1 – Partner A performs “two block” exercises while Partner B runs to the first cone, does 1 BURPEE, continues to the second cone, turns around, runs back to the first cone, does 1 BURPEE, and runs back.  FLAPJACK until these amount of team reps were completed:

  • 80x BLOCK MERKINs (left hand on ground while right on block, merkin, both hands on blocks, merkin, left hand on block while right on ground, merkin, keep going back-n-forth)
  • 160x BLOCK SHRUGs
  • 240x BLOCK DIPs

Round 2 – Partner A performs “one block” exercises while Partner B carries one block to the second cone and back, alternating shoulders to and from.  FLAPJACK until these amount of team reps were completed:

  • 120x CFTGs
  • 180x BENT OVER ROWs

With time running low we didn’t get to a “zero block” round 3 I had planned.  I think everyone was okay with that.  About the u-shaped block… compared to typical cinder blocks, they make things like shrugs and farmer’s walk a little interesting since they are hard to grip (I’ll remember that next time).  We returned the blocks and headed back to the shovel flag.  One block came back in multiple pieces.

At the shovel flag we did a quick Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, announcements, prayer.


  • Converge tomorrow with Red Haven, it’a a FIA workout (not an F3 workout), bring Ms, daughters, female friends, etc.
  • Grout enthusiastically volunteered for Thursday’s Q.


  • Bailey Endsley – ATV versus vehicle accident, he was a LHS student, prayers to family.  More info > https://www.thestate.com/news/local/article214207864.html
  • Love your kids!  Hug your kids!

“Patriotic songs” consisted of: Reveille (Bugle Call), Captain America March, The Army Goes Rolling Along, Anchors Aweigh, America the Beautiful, Dixie, From the Halls, God Bless America, The Honors March, The Liberty Bell March, The Marine’s Hymn, Naval Academy March, Off We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder, Semper Paratus, The Stars and Stripes Forever…