• When: 2017-12-13
  • QIC: Urkel
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Shankapatomus (Respect), Caboose, Wino, Urkel

Run to warm up

YHC used a little reverse psychology last night by mentioning on twitter that if nobody showed up this morning I could just go home and get back in bed.  I knew that would get a few guys to show up…just so they thought they were making me uncomfortable.  Good work guys!  Way to not let a little “cold” weather from stopping you from doing the harder thing.  Enjoyed the group run this morning and the lovely mumblechatter between Wino and Shank – probably not appropriate to actually write it out.  You had to be there…


Weather: 29 – nice and hot


Disclaimer, prayer


Left on college street

left on Bernard

Right on Long Terrace

Right on Crosson St.

Left on E. Crosson

Left on Hwy 23

Right at Hollywood’s house to get to Hwy 1

Left on Hwy 1

Right on Daniel Drive to see if Swayze is home (loop)

Left on Hwy 1

Right at Hollywood’s again to get back on Hwy 23

Left on Hwy 23

Right on Main St.

Stretch it out to the Rooster

Some PAX completed a lap around the park, then we all walked a lap around the park.


Good times guys!