• When: 2018-01-09
  • QIC: Track Hoe
  • The PAX: Ebert, Brainiac, Dead Stick, Track Hoe

Rucking/Running hodgepodge

Conditions: A warm 37deg

Disclaimer/Prayer/Pledge of Allegiance

YHC was glad to Q again at the stand and with Rucking Fever threw together a random group of exercises hopefully to leave a little pain.




-Warmup Lap

Merkins weighted 15oyo

Flutter Kicks w weight 20ic

-Another lap

LBAC 10ic f,b

Squat Press 15oyo

-ruck to the first light

Burpee w ruck x5 Block Burpee x5

BBSU 20oyo

-ruck to next light pole

Weighted Dolly 20ic

Plank Jacks 20oyo

-ruck to next pole

Mountain Climbers 20oyo

Bent over Row 10 each arm

-bear crawl to next pole

Squat 20oyo

Lbc w weight 20oyo

Ruck back to start

Ran a few pole’s then started a ladder of sorts. 1 burpee increasing every pole by 1 10BBSU every stop. Made it to 10th pole but didn’t finish BBSU before Time was up.

Prayer Requests: Brainiac’s family.

Announcements: GrowRuck Weekend, 4 Year Anniversary @f3graveyard