• When: 2017-11-09
  • QIC: Pennyworth
  • The PAX: Juice, Pow Pow, Meter, Squatter, Paper Jam, Pennyworth

Ready, Set, Go

Written by Pennyworth

Today was my VQ.  The ambush boys did not disappoint and showed up in the cold and wet weather.  YHC had plans of flipping tractor tires and running the track.  We modified a bit in an attempt to keep the crew healthy.  We stayed under the long breezeway at Ambush for the exercises today.  YHC will bring the tires to the crew in the near future.  Halfway through our routine this morning we did have someone to merlot.  I won’t say who it was, but his name starts with an M and rhymes with Peter.



25 SSH

15 Merkins

20 TTT

15 Burpies

20 Imperial Walkers

15 Merkins

No tire flip, run the breeze way

Partner up, One person will run to the end of the breeze way while the other partners completes exercises until that partner returns.  Excercises are as follows:







BBSU(lunge half way and back)


End with Mary:

Flutter kicks x 20

Heel touches x 20

Plank jacks x 20


Prayer request;
Juice’s mom

Squater’s Mother-in-law

PJ’s son – saying Pledge at Veterans parade


We understand why we would have questions of God but why does God have questions of us when He already knows the answers? I think it is because He wants spiritual closeness with us, not who we wish we were or the me, I want everyone to think I am…the real me. Questions seem to be God’s way of stripping away the layers and getting to the real “us.” If something is not done about those layers, even when He speaks and provides answers, they can get lost in the deception, in the struggle that makes up so much of life. So God asks a lot of questions. Here are a few big ones: “Where are you?” Gen. 3:9; “Who told you that?” Gen. 3:11; “What are you seeking?” John 1:38; “Why are you afraid?” Matt. 8:26; “Who do you say I am?” Mark 8:29; “How much more?” Luke 11:13; What is your life?” James 4:14. As God removes the layers we better understand the real “us.” The object of such an understanding is to ignite an approach to life which leaves us susceptible to being encouraged and inspired. Have you noticed that some people will not inspired or sparked no matter what they encounter? There seems to be an abundance of kindling to start a fire but the wood is so wet, the project fails repeatedly. I think God asks us questions to “dry us out” and prepare us for ignition. Angela Duckworth writes, “Identity influences every aspect of our character but it has special relevance to grit. Often the critical, gritty-or-not decisions we make – to get up one more time… to run five miles with our teammates when on our own we might only run three – are a matter of identity more than anything else. Often our passion and perseverance do not spring from a cold, calculating analysis of the costs and benefits of alternatives. Rather the source of our strength is the person we know ourselves to be.” It does little good to celebrate who Christ is if such action does not change how you see yourself and what is possible for you because of your faith in Christ. We raise the bar on our discipleship when we make the connection that every time we affirm something about Christ, we are acknowledging something more about ourselves. Thank you for living differently.