• When: 2017-11-09
  • QIC: Collar
  • The PAX: MisFire, Billy Bob, Splinter, Wally, Duckie, Collar

Hammer gets some awning work

6 men posted in the cold rain and as an appreciation of these men posting YHC decided to have the majority of the workout under an awning at Satchel Ford.

The Conditions – 40s and Raining, but dry for everyone except Duckie under the awning

The Thang

Mosey to the Bus Loop where there is an awning to keep the PAX dry

15 Merkins IC

20 Mountain Climbers IC

50 Squats IC


Rinse and Repeat

15 Bulgarian Split Squats

10-1 Russian Big Boys, Iron Flutters, Heel Tap Crunches

15 Bulgarian Split Squats


MisFire – Russian Twists 10-1 (only count one side) between each set do a BBS

Billy Bob -20 Dips IC, 10 right arm incline merkins IC, 10 left arm incline merkins IC, 20 incline merkins IC

Collar – 30 Slumdogs IC on the curb

Splinter – Never-ending plank session

Wally – 10-1 Sweat Angels with 5 seconds of high knees between each set

Duckie – Flutters IC, 30 Pulse-ups, Flutters IC

YHC thought keeping the PAX dry they would take it easy during the Mary portion and they did everything possible to make YHC spill merlot.


BOM – Collar