• When: 2019-11-05
  • QIC: Ramrod
  • The PAX: Beaver Pelt, Soaker, Five Play, Coon Dawg, Bing, Lego, Ponzi, Dunphy, Big Box, THE Uniballer, Cow Bell, Ramrod, Yips (FNG), Raft

Ramrod’s “Ultimate” Relay

Great morning to become ”un-virgined” with being the Q.  Had a chance to add a little F-un to the Fitness Fellowship and Faith.  PAX were divided into two teams….Team RAM and Team ROD for some ultimate relaying with a light up Frisbee.

Conditions: Nice and low 50s


The Thang:

Mosey through parking lot to the top soccer Fields:


  • 16x Through the Tunnel (minus counting to 3) IC
  • 16x SSH IC
  • 16x LBAC IC
  • 16x Overhead Clap IC
  • 16x LBAC – Reverse IC
  • 16x Overhead Clap IC

Ramrods Relay (Ultimate Style): PAXs were divided into two groups to play ultimate frisbee.  The scoring team had to do overhead claps while the non-scoring team had to do 5 merkins.  

The final score (I believe) was 7-3 with Team Ram winning overall.  On the mosey back to the shelter…bearcrawl half the bridge and lunged the last half.


Welcome Yips – FNG


  • 11/16 – Cheech 10k
  • 11/23 – Hairy Bison
  • 12/14 – Christmas Party
  • 02/15 – Dam to Dam
  • 03/2020 – P200

*** Really Dark for Ramrod’s Relay

Raft and his M

Lego’s Daughter

Prayer and Sincere Thanks to all the PAX for their support and acceptance

Posted by Coon Dog on behalf of Ramrod