• When: 04/16/15
  • QIC: Fracture
  • The PAX: Yellowcake, treadmill, candystripe, turn buckle, fast casual, Swanson, Cheech, boo, Wapner, Higgins, Mac, canseco

Rainy day=Pain

YHC had a day of hills and burpees planned for the Pax at Turning Point, however after about 12 hours of rain it was time to call an audible and pull out the rainy day weinke. YHC always has a weinke drawn up just in case it is too muddy to use the fields, not that I don’t mind rolling around in the dirt and mud but I don’t think the little ones at Midway would appreciate us turning their field into a mini mudrun for them at school today. So with less running it was time to bring out some of my favorite exercises like the lunge/burpee, partner sqerkins, wall mountain climbers, and railroad tracks

Conditions: Wet, Windy, and Cold

The Thang: disclaimer/prayer mosey to front of school high knees/ butt kicks/ karaoke


Smurf Jacks x20

Slo Mo Squats x20

IW x20

Partner Squerkins x20 and switch

Dora 1-2 100 merkins 100 BBSU alternating running around Parking lot

lunge/burpee the length of the parking lot 10/1 ratio

broad jump burpee half the way back

wall mountain climbers x20

wall sit

3 options balls to wall/ wall shoulder taps/ btw merkins

wall sit

lay railroad tracks all the way back to shovel flag

just enough time to do 6 in and flutterkicks x20


Fire truck pull/quarry crusher this weekend

ruck for babies next weekend, check preblast

Stomp the Swamp- Rumors of special medal for double downs!

TClaps to all the pax for getting out of the fartsack on a wet and chilly morning and putting in work.

Kotters to Swanson, who last time I Qed TP he was a FNG. A lot of progress in a short time, good job!

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