• When: 2019-01-31
  • QIC: Lumbergh
  • The PAX: Paper Jam, Brita, Pop Off, Macgruber, Blade, Lumbergh

Race Day at Ambush

It was race day at Ambush and 3 PAX showed up ready to roll promptly at 4:20. Paper Jam took the gold with a sub 7 pace. With the race out of the way it was time for BC.

Conditions: A balmy 29

The Thang:

SSH x25

TTT x25

Little baby arm circles x20 forward and back

OHC x20

Alternating counting down dips/incline merkins by 5: x25,x20,x15,x10,x5

Mosey to the top of Ambush alley alternating exercises at the lightpoles

BBSU x10, mountain climbers x20

Diamond merkins x10, LBC’s x20

Burpees x20, Carolina Dry Docks x20

Hand release merkins x10, Side ups x10 on each side

Mosey to the stadiums steps: Heel raises x300 in sets in 100

Mosey back out to Ambush alley for BLIMPS:

Burpees x5, Lunges x10 each leg, IW x10, Merkins x10, Plankjacks x10, Squats x10

Mosey to the breezeway for people’s chair and balls to the wall merkins

Mosey back to the circle for Freddie Mercury’s, American Hammer, and Flutter kicks IC x20 each

-2/2: MGC Long Run
-2/16: Dam to Dam Relay: www.damtodamrelay.com
-3/2: 5-Year Anniv Convergence
-3/16: Lexington Race Against Hunger
-3/22-23: P200
-4/8-4/19: The Gauntlet. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/columbia-sc/gauntlet-2019

Prayer Requests:

Rudolph Mitchell passed-Prayers for family

Macgruber’s coworker husband-Back surgery

Lumbergh’s M-Work stress

Juice’s FIL