• When: 2019-06-02
  • QIC: Tater
  • The PAX: Boo(R), Pearl, FastCasual, Contra, Netflix, Weekend Special, Quisenberry, Thumbs Up(R), Bulldog, Booster, Whisper, Tater

Pool Season

12 Pax beat the fartsack to show up for YHC’s Q at Tread.  The pax got in some miles with rucks and then swung a few bells.  YHC decided to have dealer’s choice Kettlebells with one exception, 10 kettlebell swings OYO between each exercise called.  On the second time around the circle the exercise was changed to 10 tricep extensions, since pool season is upon us.   The exercises below are close to what actually happened.

Conditions: 72 degrees, mild




After rucking/running, the pax circled up for kettle bells.

  • SSH x 10 IC
  • LBACx 10 IC
  • Reverse LBAC x 10 IC
  • Kettle Bell Swing x 10 OYO
  • Kettle Bell Stretch x 10 IC
  • Goblet Squat x 10 OYO
  • Big Show x 10 OYO
  • Elf on a Shelf x 10 IC(x2)
  • KB curls x 10 OYO
  • Tricep Ext x 10 OYO
  • Lawnmower/Weedeater x 20 OYO
  • Around the World x 10 Each Way
  • Flutter Kicks x 15 OYO
  • Flutter Kicks x 25 OYO
  • Chest Press x 10 OYO
  • TaPalms x 15 OYO
  • Gumby(led by Booster)




  • Count-o-Rama
  • Name-o-Rama


Jauntlet is over.

Basketball tomorrow morning at RB 5:00am.

Prayer Requests

  • Swanson’s Father
  • Corbett Anderson
  • Gray Family




  • Coffeeteria after Tread is still a favorite time of the week for YHC.
  • Adding swings (then tricep extensions) between each exercise compounds nicely.


                YHC attended an Alex’s Lemonade Stand yesterday and was taken back by the amount of money that was raised by one family, selling lemonade, to benefit childhood cancer patients.  YHC was reminded of how much impact we can have and to always be aware and ready to help, when possible.