• When: 2019-06-01
  • QIC: NA
  • The PAX: Putz, Aunt Bee, Ace, Matlock, Rabbi, Ace, Swayze, Happy Trees

Ultimate Beating

There aren’t many times that a complete shut-out occurs on the sweat stained battlefield of Smokehouse’s ultimate field. In fact, YHC doesn’t remember reading of any such historical event in the sacred annals. Today, one group of vanquished made history. Unfortunately “Swayze’s Daisies” (sponsored by chest rugs) fell to a team whose superiority has yet to be challenged. “Rabbi’s Reapers” (spearheaded by Matlock the silver fox) burned the chaff this morning with a 10-0 triumph over the polish mafia funded Daisie’s. Once again, a post of YHC’s completley unbiased journalism has allowed for the truth to be known in times where truth is rarely heard. Until next time….