• When: 2019-06-03
  • QIC: Binary
  • The PAX: Baconator, Backstop, Squirrel, Swingline, Ruby, Binary

AMRAP Circuits at Valhalla

6 pax arrived at the gloom ready for the purist Binary to lead the cause for today’s work.  Some were able to celebrate Backstop’s birthday over the weekend so why not keep the celebration going with a healthy dose of pain.

Conditions – 70s and clear


The Thang

Mosey Jog around parking lot w/ a little Karaoke to grab blocks. Walk with blocks overhead down the hill with overhead presses.


Curls for Girls – 10 IC

Tricep Ext. – 10 IC

Bent over Rows – 10 IC

Big Boys – 10 IC

AMRAP Stations 3 Sections

Section 1 – Leg Focus, Pax broke off into pairs to rotate through the 3 stations for 12 min. Rotate to next when done with 4 rounds.

  1. 3 Stop Lunge Walk Suicide w/ Bernie Sanders Back – 4 Rounds
  2. Run 1st Set of stairs + 25 Box Jumps/Step Ups – 4 Rounds
  3. Zig – Zag Side Steps Up and Down. 5 Jump Squats at each spot – 4 Rounds

Had to cut a little short for time on other events

Section 2 – Shoulders, arms, back focus, switch up partners. Rotate to next exercise when done with 3 rounds.

  1. Plank Walk down & back 10 yards; 10 Kettle Swings w/ Block – 3 Rounds
  2. Bear Crawl steps, run down; 10 Bent over Rows – 3 Rounds
  3. Balls to Wall 15 count OYO; 10 Curls for Girls – 3 Rounds

Section 3 – Ab focus, new partners. Rotate to next station when done with 2 rounds.

  1. 10 merks; 10 Rowers
  2. Side Step Parking space x 3; 10 Flutters(2 ct) holding block
  3. 5 Burpees; 5 Russian Twists w/ Block


Holding Block we finished with block abs work

-6 inches; 45 degrees; 90 degrees; 10 IC Rosalitas; 10 45 degree Hello Dollies IC; 10 IC Scissors.

COT – Binary

BOM – Binary

The pax were flooded with numbers today by Binary but they did great work and definitely got better.

Today’s devotion looked at Mark 14:32 when Jesus asked the Father if this cup could pass from Him but “not my will but your will be done.”  In fitness, you don’t get stronger sitting idle and watching others do the work.  We cannot get stronger unless we put ourselves in the work.  In this moment for Jesus, He asked the Father if there was another way to pay the price for humanity’s sins.  As we can see, there wasn’t.  Jesus sacrifice was the only way our debt was paid.  Let us be grateful for the suffering He took in our place and rejoice in the victory He’s had over the grave.


Great Fellowship this past weekend.  Expect another F3 Valhalla hang this month in June.

Friday, June 7th will be a track day at SVHS.  Join us at 5:15.