• When: 2019-09-17
  • QIC: Dunphy
  • The PAX: Drisocket, Mercy Rule, FlexSeal, Navy Bean (Respect), CDV , Dunphy

Plank and Gun, Beto Can’t Have it.

Temp: 70s and DRY



Overhead Claps 20 IC
Imperial Walkers 20 IC
LBA 10 IC forward 10 backwards

Buy in: Gator Merkin From mid field to Block Pile

Traveling with your BLOCK. 11s at PRACTICE FIELD

10 Overhead Press, 1 Mountain Climber (2ct) Repeat with 1 Less Overhead Press and Add 1 to Mountain Cljmber. Width of Field
10 Over Head Tricep Extension, 1 Curls for the Gurls Width of Paved Court
10 Block Merkins, 1 Block Squat

Dunphy Run and Gun
Two teams. Plank
First Round – First Runner 5 merkins sprint to water gun holder. Knock down cups with water gun and reset targets. When complete, next pax to do merkins. Continue until all pax are done.
2nd Round – 3 Burpees
3rd Round – 5 BBSU

6 pax did the harder thing by posting for a Dunphy workout. Hard work was done with an Iron Pax theme workout. No man touching happened. We did have some fun Running, planking, and Gunning with some high capacity water guns. Beto was not going to take these from me. Good shooting by all! Drisocket felt at home with the pump action. Good work men!


9/11 Challenge Batesburg Leesville HS
10K Dam Run
Hairy Bison Race


Dunphy Mom
Deadstick Recovery