• When: 2018-02-23
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Cinco De Mayo, Wino, puck

#OnFridayWeRuck unless we do something else

At the Rooster we have had a few themed Fridays. There has been Fartlek Friday and for a short period of time YHC tried to make #OnFridayWeRuck a thing but that didn’t work out.  YHC checked the Q sheet and saw that a real leader, a true HIM had put his name down to lead the PAX once again.  Stay Puff had stepped up to lead on Wednesday and when he saw that there was on one on the Q sheet for Friday he put his name down.  YHC had a quick conference with this man and we decided that a Puck ruck Q would be the way to go.

Thanks to Drisoket, YHC has some brand new ruck plates. The other Pax needed to see and touch these heavy pieces of steel.

The Pax started rolling into the parking lot at about 10 til 5. Wino tried to bait some other runners in to a fartlek on this Friday but everyone must have been resting up for the Dam to Dam run tomorrow because no one took the bait.

The thang

The Ruckers three took off from the park armed with a 25lb ruck plate and a 10lb medicine ball just to slow us down a little. The plate and the ball were carried however the Pax felt like carrying them.

The Pax headed down Bernard St from the park, past Leesville Animal Hospital and continued onto Bennett St.

Right on Terrace Way

Right on S.Lee St

Right on HWY 1

Left on Main St and back to the flag.

Once back at the flag there was about 4 minutes left, so YHC and Cinco dropped off the coupons and made about a quarter lap around the park to take care of the last few minutes of the allotted time.

Wino was our lone running and he told us that he was going to run the Chicken strip, all indications point to him running the chicken strip and probably taking down Wilsons record setting time. He probably didn’t have his watch on just so that Wilson’s feelings wouldn’t be hurt.