• When: 2018-06-27
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Puck, Stay Puff, Nub

Old school-ish route

YHC had a quick discussion with the AOQ of the Rooster about returning to running on Wednesday and he noted that there was an open spot on the Q sheet for Wednesday. YHC took that spot with an eye on pushing for 4 miles.

It was a perfect rooster morning, hot and steamy. 3 Pax gathered, 2 runners and 1 rucker, to get better and go for a stroll around town.

The men of the rooster seem to have neglected some of our old routes, so YHC dug deep and pulled out a route from the very beginning.   This route includes some “sneaky” hills.

  • Leave the parking lot and left on College St. and an almost immediate right on Speaks Ave
  • Right on Trotter
  • Right on Bernard St
  • Left on Long Terrace
  • Right on Crosson St (44ft climb that looks mostly flat), out to HWY23 then turn around
  • Take East Crosson and take a right on Skyline Dr
  • Right on Woodrich to the end of the road and turn around and run back out to take a right back onto skyline out of the neighborhood.
  • Take Skyline Dr out to the dead end and turn around and climb back to the park (the lowest point of the route).
  • From Skyline Dr, right on East Crosson and right on Crosson St
  • Left on Long Terrace and a left on Bernard St. (another 40ft plus climb from Skyline to Bernard St)
  • Right on Hwy. 23 and right on Main St.

It was decided that the pax were not going to take the record on Long Terrace this morning. It is currently held by our very own mythical creature, Mermaid. This had nothing to do with our running duo being tired or feeling that we couldn’t best his effort.  It was because Mermaid wasn’t there to defend his title…. Yeah that was it.

Stay Puff and YHC decided to take an extra lap around the block was warranted, to finish out our 45 min run.

The Rooster is also famous for animal encountered. This morning was no different.  As usually the Men could hear the cocks crow.  The men saw between 4 and 4000 rabbits, every dog within 10 miles of Leesville College Park was barking, numerous reflective eyes where seen in the yards and bushes throughout the neighborhoods.  YHC almost stepped in road kill.  Thankfully, no opossums, raccoons, or skunks were encountered this morning.  Nub in particular is hounded by skunks on his rucking adventures.