• When: 03/21/15
  • QIC: PYT
  • The PAX: 21 Dudes out lookin' for a beatdown

OFFICIAL Graveyard Post 3/21

This will serve as the “Official Backblast” of the 3/21 Graveyard workout until another one makes it’s way to the Interwebs.

21 Pax entered the gloom that beautiful Saturday morning to receive the Beatdown of Epic proportions like PYT is known to give. What they received was far from that. Rivaled more of what you would see on the Kindergarten playground . ..

The Thang:

Mosey to practice field and grab a few PomPom’s
Circle up for our first cheer of “Go Banana” with the PomPom’s
The pax were going to love it today.

Next up . . . . Red Rover, Red Rover
This went off flawlessly until we called for “The Crapper” to come over. Dude bearcrawled in and took us all down. Should have been there.

Hop Scotch was up next. Some of the pax couldn’t grasp that hopping on 1 leg thing. Tough one for all.

Freeze Tag was next, but we had to stop quickly b/c too many of the guys wanted to play Tackle and pax started to get hurt

Mother May I? was a big hit with the guys. Seems like a lot of the guys are used to asking “Honey May I?” b/c they kept mixing up the words when it was their turn.

3 of the Pax from Crypt heard we were having so much fun that they decided to come join in. Special thanks to No Help, Pavarotti, and Breakfast Club for joining us.

We welcomed them in the circle with a game of Duck Duck Goose which went off without a hitch. (Crowd Pleaser)

Patty Cake – This was Shank’s favorite game of the day – no one could even keep up with him. It was truly incredible

Rock Paper Scissors – Pavarotti lost every ……single……freakin……time…… at this game. Dude needs to stick with Thumb Wars.

To top the morning off before we all went back to jump in the Fartsack, we ended with a game of Thumb War. This is 1 muscle that we all need to concentrate on. T-Claps to Floppy Disk and Pavarotti who took it down to the bitter end with Pavarotti pulling away with the victory at the last second.

Since Backblasts serve as proof of the pain that the Pax endured with you, i’m glad this once was documented, b/c it was un-toppable.

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