• When: 2019-10-24
  • QIC: Bing
  • The PAX: Arrears, Granola (R), Buttermaker (R), Globo Gym, Wilbur, Pick Axe, Che-Heddar (R), Sunday Driver, Boo (R), Canseco, Booster, Little Giants, Dance-Off, Bing

Of Course I Remember That I Signed Up to Q at Turning Point

13 PAX joined YHC for an unintentional return to Turning Point. According to Big Brother Google, on 9/16/19, “Bing” was added to the Q Sheet by someone named “Jeremy Cheek” for today’s WO. YHC has no recollection of this, but a trip to Turning Point has long been overdue, so why not roll with it? Thankfully, Booster sent a confirmation Tweet that saved YHC from the embarrassment of an Unexcused Absence. As always, getting out of the comfort zone and serving as Q away from the home AO was the right decision. Thanks to all the TP PAX for welcoming me and getting after it. And a special thanks to Granola for correcting my math on the squats.

Conditions: 43 deg F and crystal clear

FNGs, Disclaimer, Prayer

The Thang:

Mosey to the back parking lot and circle up.

– SSH X 15 IC
– LBAC Forward X 15 IC
– LBAC Backerds X 15 IC
– TTT X 15 IC

Indian Bear Crawl:
– Line up single file along the curb, then assume the plank position.
– PAX in the rear bear crawls to the front of the line.
– Rinse & repeat until you reach the opposite curb.

Mosey out the back gate and down the hill to the picnic tables and find a spot on a bench:
– Incline Merkins X 20 OYO
– Decline Merkins X 20 OYO
– Dips X 20 OYO
– Superman Step-ups X 20 each leg OYO

Mosey up the sidewalk to the upper basketball court for 7-11s:
– Start on the baseline, Merkins X 10 OYO
– Run to half court, Squats X 7 OYO
– Run to opposite baseline, Lunges X 1 each leg OYO
– Run back to half court, Squats X 7 OYO
– Return to start, rinse & repeat dropping a Merkin and adding a lunge until you complete 10 laps.

Mosey to the stairs for some calf raises:
– Toes forward x 25 OYO
– Toes out X 25 OYO
– Toes in X 25 OYO

Mosey to the covered walkway and find a column:
– People’s Chair for 1.5 minutes

Mosey the scenic route back to the rear parking lot and find a stripe:
– Line jumps side-to-side X 50 OYO
– Line jumps front-to-back X 50 OYO

Circle up on your 6 for Mary:
– Flutter Kicks X 25 IC
– Hello Dollys X 15 IC
– Russian Twists/American Hammers X 20 IC
– Heel Touches X 20 IC
– Boat/Canoe



Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama

– 10/26 – Turning Point will be closed and converging at Go Leo Go race at Saluda Shoals
– 11/16 – Turning Point will be closed and converging at John Flanagan Memorial 10K, Register here: https://www.lexingtonhalf.com/pages/race-10k.php
– 11/4 Turning Point 2nd F Dinner, Location TBD
– 11/23 Hairy Bison
– 12/14 Christmas Party
– January 2020 – Harbison 25k/50k
– February 15, 2020 – Dam to Dam
– March 2020 – P200

Prayer Requests:
– Breakfast Club
– Pocahontas & Wapner recovering
– Dance-Off, 2 year anniversary of daughter passing
– Booster’s co-worker Johnathan, appointment with hematologist

BOM, Prayer