• When: 2019-10-24
  • QIC: Swayze
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Shank, Nub, Urkel, Wilson, Puck, Kracker, Block Head, Rabbi, Gump and Stay Puff

Puck is a Quitter

After hearing Happy Trees talk about the dexicon, I decided to give it a look for myself. I figured I would try to do some new things rather than burpees. I even decided to dress up for everyone and wear my signature “RUNNING SHORTS”. As we were all standing around waiting for 5 AM we seen two people come in late, unfortunately it was Puck and Urkel and Not Putz and Hollywood. Lump was thrilled to be back out there on this beautiful, crisp morning. I was hoping to see the man, the myth, the legend known as Wino but he still never shows up when I’m there for some reason. Instead we had Nub dressed up looking like he was ready to play tennis.

I decided to change it up this morning and take a prayer line out of the movie Talledega Nights with the 8 lb 6 oz new born Christmas baby Jesus! We all got in a circle and decided to start this thing:

We started off with 20 SSH, then went to 20 through the tunnel, and onto Stay Puff’s favorite exercise the LBAC, we proceeded to do 20 of those, 20 overhead claps, 20 Reverse LBAC and 10 more of the overhead clap.

We all started to mosey to the track and since our group is filled with rhoades scholars, I had to give instructions on how to do a snake Indian Run. We went around the track twice and once Rabbi started sprinting so I couldn’t catch him, I decided to call time. We then went ahead and did a new exercise I seen, the bear crawl indian plank. The person in the back bear crawls to the front while the other pax plank. It sounds pretty self explanatory but not with this crew. We then all grabbed some blocks and did 20 Merkin on blocks with each arm off the block. 20 polish pounder thrusters, 20 curls for the girls, and 20 overhead presses. We attempted to do 20 block swings with Urkel leading the count.  We then did another Indian run around the track. We then stopped and did the bear crawl to the front but this time every 4th crawl you had to do 4 merkins with rest of pax doing 1 while they planked. We completed this for a while until Puck complained and quit and said it was stupid so we all put blocks up and mosied back to flag. While mosing back to the flag, Stay Puff took off with a jolt and was like the mother hen because Lump, Kracker and Blockhead followed him and left poor Wilson behind carrying a block.

At the invisible flag, we did mary for the last two minutes the did the count and name o rama.

Christmas Party at Puffy’s 2nd Friday in December.

Keep SK in our prayers along with HT’s Uncle and continued prayers for Pole Cat’s father.