• When: 2019-10-24
  • QIC: Tuber
  • The PAX: Flux, Sparky, Road Rage, Cheddar, Rudy, Seesaw, Grylls, Tuber

Hairburner Hill is Born

One of the best things that can invigorate an AO is to have a new PAX step forward and take on the leadership of his VQ (Tclaps to Starkist for doing exactly that at GOAT today). Unfortunately for the guys of Speedtrap, they had the exact opposite experience today with YHC taking the reigns for about the 50th time, although it had been quite a while.  I could tell the guys have really missed having me, and while they may not have expressed it with words, their eyes told the real story.   After a comprehensive introduction and disclaimer (during which Grylls all but told me to shut up and get started) and the determination that no FNGs were present, off we went.


The Conditions: 43 and comet filled clear skies


the Thang:

Mosey to the block pile, grab one, and bring to the bottom of the hill



15 IW IC

10 Windmills IC

5 Burpees OYO


Sparky was kind enough to bring his plates today and even went so far as to deliver them to our starting point.  So the workout was really pretty simple. With 8 PAX present, we divided into two groups.  Blocks would be at the bottom of the hill, none at the top.  Each PAX was to individually complete at the bottom 150 Curls and 150 OHP.  At the top of the hill, each PAX was to complete 150 Merkins and 150 squats. The caveat is that at all times one member of each group was to move from the bottom of the hill to the top or vice versa while completing hair burners the entire time. If you started at the bottom, you either started your block exercises or pushed to the top.  Two PAX ran up to the top to start and started their body weight exercises, and once a group member reached the, with the plate, they took over and pushed it all the way down.  Switched off between PAX until all reps were completed and each man had had a chance to go up and down the hill at least once. If during the hill jaunt you had to stop, do 10 OHAC and 10 BBSU, then resume.


As it was determined that we had fever before 1) named the hill between the upper parking lot and the cheese grater and 2) never done hair burners on the aforementioned hill, it was time to follow the lead of The Roost (Suicide Hill, Abacus Mountain, etc) and dub our favorite incline Hairburner Hill.  Proposed to AOQ Rudy, approved, effective immediately.  This is the official name chain of Hairburner Hill.

Once completed, replace blocks, run up to circle by baseball fields for BLIPS (modified BLIMPS-felt like we had made our point withe the merkins). Completed one circuit and it was time to go. In fact, most PAX bailed before S (squats- of which we had also done too many, but who’s counting?). Always been a natural leader.

Count and Name o Rama

Announcements: Crooked Creek trick or treat even tomorrow night needs volunteers to man candy stations, contact Seesaw

Prayer Requests

Closing Prayer/Devo combo


Moleskin: As YHC has been getting back into boot camp shape after developing runner’s arms from spending the summer on the roads of Irmo and Chapin, I’ve been trying to do my part and get back on the Q sheet, and plan to get back to multiple AOs just because I enjoy doing it. The AOQs can use everyone’s help filling up the Q sheet, so grab a spot at your regular place, or even somewhere else if possible.  Open slots the day before a workout are pretty common occurrences, let’s all do our part to fix that.  Have a great day.