• When: 2019-10-24
  • QIC: Knozit
  • The PAX: Soaker, Ramrod, Ponzi, Ranger(R), Beaver Pelt, Coon Dawg, Genie, Cheers, Buzz Saw(R), Lego, Knozit(R)

Shawshank Pax jump aboard the Pain Train

Always great to share the gloom with the fine men of Shawshank.  11 Pax braved the cooler temps to get in some work.  Even F3 Lexington Nantan – Ranger decided to check in with the Shank(making sure we get in the full 45 minutes).  YHC and the men were in good spirits with some fun mumblechatter!

Conditions: A little nippy and 44 Degrees


The Thang:
Mosey through parking lot to the top soccer Fields:

50x SSH 4ct IC
15x Windmills 4ct IC
15x Imperial Walkers 4ct IC
20x overhead clap 4ct IC

Burbee/Merkin Ladder:  Perform 1 Burpee with 1x Merkin at the bottom of the exercise… Perform 1x Burpee with 2x Merkins at the bottom of the exercise… Perform 1x Burpee with 3x Merkins and so on till 10x.  Then go back down starting with 9x Merkins… until 1x.  Perform each round on YHC’s command.

Line up on soccer field sideline facing fields:

Field #1:  Lunge across field

Field #2:  Duck walk across field (crowd pleaser)

Field #3(bottom fields of complex):  Partner up and … “Partner Drag” backwards to middle of field… then switch positions and continue till the end of the field.

Indian Run:  Line up on closest side walk and Indian Run around fields… stopping at bathrooms on far side of complex

Line up on sideline of soccer field.

Pain Train:  All pax line up on start line.  Perform 5x Burpees… then run across field to next cone/line and perform 10x Merkins… then return to start line and do another 5x Burpees… then run to first cone/line and perform 10x Merkins… then run to next line and perform 10x Squats… then return back to last cone/line for 10x Merkins… then back to start for the Burpees.  Continue with this pattern until the Pax have reached the last cone/line.  Note:  Every time a Pax comes to a cone/line they perform an exercise going and coming.

Cone/Start 5x Burpees

Cone #2 10x Merkins

Cone #3 10x Squats

Cone #4 10x Merkins

Cone #5 10x Squats

Cone #6 10x Merkins

Mosey back to shelter/SF and hit the wall for 60 seconds of the People’s


10/26 – Go Leo Go
11/16 – Cheech 10k
11/23 – Hairy Bison
12/14 – Christmas Party

Raft and his M
Cheer’s Friend’s recovery
Dunphy’s family
Poe’s daughter Abby – Praise she is back home!